Prince George 'will not take on royal duties for over a decade' in William and Kate's plan

Prince George 'will not take on royal duties for over a decade' in William and Kate's plan

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Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 27/02/2024

- 09:21

Updated: 27/02/2024

- 09:22

The 10-year-old prince will not start royal duties until he "is well into his 20s"

Prince George will not undertake royal duties for another decade as a part of Princess Kate and Prince William's plan, a royal commentator has claimed.

The future King is 10-years-old and currently studying at Lambrook School with his younger two siblings, Princess Charlotte, eight, and Prince Louis, five.

Robert Hardman, who wrote The Making of a King: King Charles III and the Modern Monarchy, explained that Prince William, 41, is trying to "normalise" George's future.

Hardman said: "William is trying to normalise it. They're not in denial and there’s a lot of thought being given to it, which was not always the case.

Prince George and his family

Prince George has a close relationship with his parents


"With George, there's a sense that the priority is that he and his siblings are not put off this, that it's not scary, that it's something that they understand and it’s going to be part of their life.

"And there’s a belief to make it as unobtrusive and as normal — if you can call it normal — and as pleasant as possible.

“Crucially, it's both of them — William and Catherine."

Hardman quoted a Kensington Palace source in his book who said: "There is no expectation that any royal duties are going to kick in until George is well into his 20s.

Prince George

Prince George was a page boy at King Charles's Coronation


"Before he was even made a page at the Coronation, William and Catherine wanted to ask him if he felt comfortable about it because he was clearly the youngest. It turned out he was keen."

The author also refuted the claim that King Charles would be expected to train George as a future sovereign.

He continued telling People: “I think it's very much parents first.

“If he was asked to, he'd be delighted, but I think this is very much parent-driven.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Kate and William are raising their three children as 'normal as possible'

Prince George and King Charles

King Charles not expected to mentor Prince George, commentator claims


"I suspect the time will come rather like that rather sweet rapport between the late Queen and Prince William, but I suspect not yet.

“We know they are a very tight family unit, and he wants to be there for them.

“So much of what they do with those kids is about normalising life and not making them feel like they are in a special gilded cage.

“They are a modern royal couple. There would have been more delegation [in the past]. He doesn’t want to leave it all to the nanny.”

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