Meghan and Harry’s US popularity in DECLINE claims Chen: ‘No appetite for what they’re trying to sell!’

Meghan and Harry’s US popularity in DECLINE claims Chen: ‘No appetite for what they’re trying to sell!’

Lauren Chen appears on GB News

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 24/11/2023

- 21:07

Updated: 25/11/2023

- 10:00

Lauren Chen told GB News there's 'no appetite for what Meghan Markle and Harry are trying to sell anymore'

US YouTuber and host of The Blaze TV, Lauren Chen, has revealed that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's popularity in America is declining.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who departed as working royals in 2020 and moved to California for more "privacy", have been criticised by Chen for failing to make their "brand" work in the states.

Speaking to GB News Chen revealed Meghan Markle's "plan" has failed, as the Duchess thought she and Harry would be welcomed back to the US as "returning heroes" after quitting working royal life.

Chen claimed Meghan Markle has "never been seen as a hero" by Americans, only an "actress".

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry


Meghan Markle recently hinted at new projects in the pipeline for the couple at a Variety Gala in Los Angeles.

Markle told Variety of the "exciting" ventures: "I’m just really proud of what we’re creating. My husband is loving it too which is really fun."

Markle added: "I think the more we support each other it just amplifies the work, amplifies our community and I’m just thrilled to be back in it."

BB News host Patrick Christys asked Chen if Americans are now "sick" of Meghan and Harry's life in America.

Chen revealed: "I'm unsure why she thought returning with Harry after all of the drama and scandal she caused in the UK would would make her more popular with the American public. But we see now from different approval polls that certainly has not paid off.

"I think the idea that they could sort of usher in this new media empire when we look at what the reception has been to not only Meghan Markle's Spotify podcast and obviously the Spotify deal between them, it it is finished.

"So I think it's not really a question of debate whether it was successful or not or whether Spotify liked it, if it had been so well received and so successful, they would have kept that deal.

Chen continued: "Even with Netflix, these are deals that they've had for years and years now, what has been the result of those? You know they did them and the docu-series, which was universally panned from what I've seen. I think they did one other mini docu-series interviewing other world leaders, most people haven't even heard of that."

Lauren Chen appears on GB News

Lauren Chen says there is 'no appetite' for what Meghan and Harry are 'trying to sell' in the US

GB News

Sharing her thoughts on Meghan and Harry's US popularity, Chen said: "There's just no appetite, honestly, for what Meghan Markle and Harry are trying to sell anymore.

"I think it's going to be a rude awakening that you can't just be royals in America and not produce anything and expect to be loved and financed the way you might be in the UK, if you actually are a respected and participating member of the royal family."

Patrick agreed with Chen, but questioned if Meghan has become a "victim" of the royal family: "The irony of trying to break out of something because they think it's too privileged and elitist, and then behaving like really privileged people who expect everything to be given to them and being shocked when they don't get that, I think says quite a lot, doesn't it?

"Is Meghan Markle a victim of the royal family, though? Do you think there's any way that the royal family overhear some of the reaction damaged her brand in the US?"

Chen replied: "I think so. I think Meghan Markle has tried to portray the tension that existed between her and the royal family as just, oh, well, I'm American and of course I'm mixed race, and they just didn't like that, therefore they were unfair to me.

"But I think even a lot of Americans are looking at the situation and thinking, all right, well, you didn't have any noble royal background, but it still seems like you were welcomed into the family with open arms."

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