Kate's work ethic slammed as Duke of Gloucester, 79, completes more engagements than Princess of Wales

Duke of Gloucester and Princess Kate

Kate's work ethic slammed as Duke of Gloucester, 79, completes more engagements than Princess of Wales

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 11/12/2023

- 17:28

Updated: 11/12/2023

- 18:44

The mother-of-three only completed 123 engagements this year, making her the seventh-hardest working royal

Kate's work ethic has been slammed as the Duke of Gloucester, 79, completed more engagements than the Princess of Wales in 2023.

The 41-year-old only carried out 123 engagements this year, compared to the 172 engagements taken on by the Duke of Gloucester.

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The third, fourth, and fifth places were filled by Prince Edward, Queen Camilla, and Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh respectively.

Prince William and the Duke of Gloucester were tied in sixth place with 172 engagements for 2023.

The Princess of Wales came in seventh place behind the 79-year-old royal.

Royal fans took to social media to slam Kate for what they perceived as a lack of work ethic.

Princess Kate

Princess Kate came in seventh place for the hardest-working royals in 2023


One fan posted on X: "128 engagements from the Princess of Wales. What. A. Joke. She should be ashamed."

They added: "172 from William is also unacceptable. Should expect at least 250 from the heir to the throne.

"These are their prime years, they’re wasting them."

Another wrote: "Yikes! The heirs being that low is not good.

Duke and Duchess of GloucesterDuke of Gloucester [L] completed 44 engagements more than KatePA
Princess Anne

Princess Anne completed the most engagements in the Royal Family for 2023


"Both of them need to pick it up next year. It’s getting embarrassing."

Similarly, a royal watcher commented: "I don't understand how there are people who make excuses for her lack of engagements."

Another wrote: "Now that all of the children are in school, they should be getting four to six engagements in a week, each.

"Even more if you consider how many times multiple engagements are done in a day (see Princess Anne and The King's numbers)."

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