Prince Louis finds massive toy at baby bank during Kate's Christmas initiative

Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte

Prince Louis finds massive toy at baby bank during Kate's Christmas initiative

Kensington Palace / Will Warr
Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 11/12/2023

- 17:21

The Princess of Wales took her three children to a baby bank in Maidenhead

Prince Louis found a massive toy at a baby bank during the Princess of Wales's Christmas initiative.

Kate's foundation, The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, launched an initiative at the end of November to support families with young children in the lead-up to Christmas.

She took her three children to The Baby Bank in Maidenhead last month as part of this initiative.

The princess, 41, posted a video on X today which shows her taking her three children to this baby bank.

WATCH NOW: Princess Kate taking George, Charlotte and Louis to a baby bank in Maidenhead

At one moment, Prince Louis looked delighted as he found a toy gorilla during his outing as a volunteer.

Rebecca Mistry, the joint chief executive of the baby bank, told the three royal siblings: “What we would like you to do is try and choose some presents for children who are a similar age to you guys.

"So if you think about what you would like to play with.”

When Louis found the toy gorilla, he said: "This is a big guy!"

Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte and Kate shared a sweet moment

Kensington Palace / Will Warr

Kate admitted she was keen to give her children a lesson in helping others.

In the video, she told George, Charlotte and Louis: “Here there’s lots of people who give up their time and there are lots of volunteers who come and help.

“And so you’re the volunteers for this evening.”

At one point, Charlotte, eight, could be heard, saying: “Ooh la la.”

Prince George

Prince George photographed with a volunteer

Kensington Palace / Will Warr

Shortly afterwards the camera cut to the young princess admiring a "Welsh" baby grow.

Kate could be heard telling George: “All these bags are donations and we then have to go and then sort them and put them in all the boxes.”

One of the volunteers added: “George wants to come back. So that’s good.”

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