Princess Kate is 'thriving' without Prince William on her solo engagements

Princess Kate

Princess Kate is 'thriving' without William, expert claims

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 23/09/2023

- 11:30

The Princess of Wales is a 'powerhouse-in-waiting' according to a body language expert

Princess Kate, 41, performed two solo engagements earlier in the week as her husband Prince William flew to New York to promote the Earthshot Prize Awards.

A body language expert spoke exclusively to GB News to explain how the Princess of Wales handled her consecutive outings, and how her confidence has grown over her 12 years as a working royal.

Judi James claimed: "Kate’s skills of active charisma show how much she is rising to the challenge of her increasingly frequent solo royal outings with calm confidence and professionalism.

"Her body language seems to have reached a kind of ‘sweet spot’.

Princess Kate

Princess Kate in east London on Tuesday


"It suggests the rather quiet, demure (and possibly very slightly dull-looking) Kate that appeared for years by William’s side, was actually a bit of a powerhouse-in-waiting."

James went on to describe how Princess Kate was being her "real" self during her recent solo engagement to east London on Tuesday.

The expert opined: "The body language recently suggests we are seeing the real Kate now, glimpsing her innate ability to dominate a room with energy, authority and enthusiasm.

"Her poses were confidently splayed, with her feet apart and her jacket open, allowing more freedom of movement than some of her more formal coat dresses and skirts.

Princess Kate

Princess Kate wore a Roland Mouret suit in east London


Princess Kate

Princess Kate visited Somerset on Monday


"There was also no bag to tie up her hands that could be used as a barrier.

"She moved with speed and energy, projecting keenness and her very active and animated gesticulation projected genuine interest in the people she was meeting."

According to the body language expert, Kate was reminiscent of another member of the Royal Family.

James suggested: "There was an element of the kind of energy and authority that Prince Philip would bring to his royal visits.

Princess Kate

Princess Kate is 'thriving' during solo engagements, expert claims


"But otherwise this seems to be pure ‘brand Kate’, i.e. her own style of body language behaviour with no real nod to any other members of The Firm.

"Kate has switched her pitch-perfect royal smile for one that is more personal and authentic, with a very bright, excited eye expression.

"This suggests she’s not just coping without William working beside her, she’s thriving."

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