Americans going crazy for £30 jumper with Princess Kate's face on it

Princess Kate

Princess Kate making a heart shape in Cardiff

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 05/10/2023

- 16:45

Updated: 05/10/2023

- 16:59

The Princess of Wales visited Cardiff in a Holland and Cooper suit

An iconic photograph of Princess Kate has found itself on a new jumper, retailing for $36.99 (£30.44), which an American fan began selling on her website.

The Princess of Wales stepped out in Cardiff on Tuesday wearing a gorgeous Holland and Cooper suit and styled her hair in a wavy, bouncy fashion, which was adored by royal fans.

When speaking to students at Fitzalan High School, Kate made a heart shape with her hands, which was picked up by photographers at the event.

This sweet picture of the princess is now available on a new jumper designed by Kinsey Schofield, a Los Angeles-based royal commentator and the host of the "To Di For Daily" podcast.

WATCH NOW: Princess Kate stepped out in Cardiff wearing a Holland and Cooper suit

The jumper is available in three different colours - light pink, black or white.

Called the "Catherine Princess of Wales heart tee", its description says: "A Princess of Wales (formerly Kate Middleton) tee from Kinsey Schofield's To Di For Daily blog and podcast."

As well as just a basic jumper, the design can be sold as a pullover hoodie, a women's muscle tank, and a comfort colours unisex tee.

After posting a picture of the Princess Kate jumper on X, formerly known as Twitter, royal fans showed their love for the garment.

Princess Kate

Princess Kate wore a Holland and Cooper bodysuit


Princess Kate Jumper

​A jumper with Kate's face on it has begun selling for £30

To Di For Daily

One social media user said: "You know, I was not wild about the new bangs until I saw that shot, then I thought 'she looks a-MAZE-ing with that cut!'

"Lighter, fresher, glossier. Gorgeous."

Another fan wrote: "Love this!" In addition, a royal watcher commented: "It's great!"

"I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Meghan Markle making a heart soon as well!", one social media account posted.

Prince William and Princess Kate

William and Kate visited a school in Cardiff


Prince William and Princess Kate

Princess Kate looked 'happy and confident' according to fans


For Kate's outing on Tuesday, she wore a Holland and Cooper blazer and trouser suit, paired with a £119 white bodysuit from the same brand.

The princess also wore her Gianvito Rossi heels and Shyla London "Rosalia" earrings, which cost £68.

One fan wrote on Instagram: "Love it with the bodysuit! And the best of all is how she looks happy and confident with it"

Similarly, someone said: "I love this look and it is fab with that blouse."

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