'Many gay men and women are calling for a separation between the LGB community and TQ+ identities' says Darren Grimes

Darren Grimes

Darren Grimes

GB News
Darren Grimes

By Darren Grimes

Published: 21/06/2023

- 17:08

Updated: 22/06/2023

- 08:38

Darren Grimes claimed the 'Pride' movement increasingly 'plagued by hate, cruelty, and intolerance'

I've been warning for quite some time that now gender ideology and content that clearly wasn't appropriate for children has started to enter schools, that a tripwire for the public would be activated.

LGB support has reached a 10 year low in the USA, wiping out ten years of progress for LGB people to be treated equally in society, according to a poll by Gallup.

This 'Pride Month' is said to be there to represent love, acceptance, and inclusivity.

Unfortunately, what we see today is a movement increasingly plagued by hate, cruelty, and intolerance.

People take part in the Pride in London parade in Trafalgar Square

People take part in the Pride in London parade in Trafalgar Square


They claim to champion diversity, but that only extends to superficial aspects while stifling diversity of thought.

Many gay men and women are now calling for a clear separation between the LGB community and the ever-expanding alphabet soup of TQ+ identities, represented by a garish rainbow clown flag that seems designed to induce seizures.

And just this week, a new addition to the flag appeared, which is nothing short of nauseating.

How many groups can this so-called "community" include? This eyesore certainly doesn't represent me.

Let me clarify that my concerns arise from my place within the G category.

I supported same-sex marriage outside the confines of the Church to ensure that gay men and women could live lives as mundane as our heterosexual friends and family.

However, this illusion of a monolithic "community" is as fictitious as a uniform group of women with identical views, values, and priorities.

To equate my experience as a gay man with that of a transgender person is like saying being gay is the same as identifying as a Jedi Knight, it’s absurd.

Being gay is rooted in biology and sexuality, while issues of gender identity and expression are entirely separate matters.

Gender dysphoria is a significant mental health condition where individuals often experience a deep-seated loathing and resentment towards their own bodies.

Moreover, there's growing evidence linking young women with autism to the phenomenon of gender self-identification.

It’s deeply troubling to see these natural struggles of adolescence being manipulated by social media platforms like TikTok, which promote the idea that happiness lies in physical mutilation.

An image from Brighton Pride

An image from Brighton Pride


Let's not forget the offensive nature of adding the Q to the acronym.

In my lifetime, being called "queer" was never a term of endearment.

Being gay doesn't make you queer, abnormal, weird, or any of the above.

It simply means you're attracted to people of the same gender.

We fought long and hard for acceptance as normal, with the hope of becoming as unremarkable as everyone else.

And remember, you're never "queer"; you're just an attention-seeking twerp.

There's logical reasoning behind calls to separate the issues and priorities of those attracted to the same sex (homosexual/bisexual) from those of transgender individuals.

It only makes sense to focus on lesbians, gay men, and bisexual people.

The inclusion of groups like Stonewall into this trend has never made sense, unless their motives were purely financial.

As author Douglas Murray astutely noted, the equality movement is akin to St. George in retirement—having slain the dragon of inequality, they now seek to justify their existence by tilting at imaginary windmills of identity politics.

When we have children in schools being told of infinite genders, identifying as cats and being forcefed a diet of content on platforms like TikTok on how the path the happiness during puberty lies in body mutilation, I can understand why so many parents are unhappy and becoming increasingly alarmed.

I also fail to comprehend why we need an entire month dedicated to this so-called "community."
Darren Grimes

Darren Grimes

GB News

We don't devote a whole month to remembering our fallen heroes, those who made sacrifices to secure the freedoms for all of us.

So why on earth should such a small segment of society receive such overwhelming attention?

All whilst hypocrtical corporate giants eagerly flaunt their virtue, but their true colours are revealed when we examine their lack of a rainbow logo in Muslim countries.

To safeguard the hard-fought gains that have propelled gays and lesbians toward equality, it's time to separate the transgender and evergrowing '+' elements from the L, G, and B.

After thirteen years of purpotedly Conservative Government, none of this ought to be in our schools.

It's an issue of safeguarding, any ideologue teacher ought to be dismissed, it's not a free speech issue, it's removing gender ID dogma from impressionable young minds.

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