‘Very strange’: Chen says ‘mentally incompetent’ Biden may not stand at election as President’s ‘hype man’ tipped to step up

‘Very strange’: Chen says ‘mentally incompetent’ Biden may not stand at election as President’s ‘hype man’ tipped to step up

WATCH NOW: Lauren Chen says Joe Biden is ‘mentally incompetent’ as US President

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 29/04/2024

- 22:55

Joe Biden is set to face Donald Trump in this year's Presidential election in November

US YouTuber and host of The Blaze TV, Lauren Chen, has hit out at US President Joe Biden's efficiency as leader, as she claimed Biden is "mentally incompetent".

Biden has frequently caused concern as the next election looms, with his cognitive ability becoming centre stage of the President's engagements and state visits.

Speaking to GBN America, Chen claimed that the Potus "may not make it" to November's ballot, and it is "very strange" that Biden has seemingly "held back" on his campaign trail, in comparison to other Democratic candidates.

Chen highlighted the Democrats's push for Gavin Newsom and their use of him as a "hype man" for Biden's efforts.

Joe Biden and Lauren Chen

Lauren Chen says Joe Biden 'may not stand' at this year's Presidential election

Reuters / GBN America

In a discussion with host Mark Dolan, Chen explained: "We've seen the Democratic Party use Gavin Newsom, governor of California, almost as his hype man.

"He's going on interviews and talking about what a great job Joe Biden has done. Why isn't Joe Biden himself doing that?"

Discussing Joe Biden's apparent mental decline and his cognitive abilities in his most recent public speaking engagements, Chen said the Democrats may feel that they "may recognise Joe Biden is not mentally competent enough to field all of these interviews".

Chen then suggested: "Or there's also the possibility that they are setting Gavin Newsom up to actually be the one who represents Democrats on the ballot in November."

Joe Biden

Joe Biden is the front runner for the Democrats in the upcoming leadership election


Mark then questioned Chen on whether she believes the "majority of Democrats would rather have Newsom on the ticket than Biden".


Chen admitted: "That's a hard question, because Biden has a very low approval rating nationwide, including amongst Democrats.

"You look at someone like Gavin Newsom on on paper, he seems like the better option. He's younger, he's more charismatic, he's got more energy."

She continued: "However, in California, the politics there aren't exactly shining to the idea that someone like Gavin Newsom would be a good choice to run the country when he can't even run his own state.

"He wasn't even able to run San Francisco back when he was mayor. It's pretty laughable. This would be one of the best examples of failing upwards that we could think of, if he actually does go on to become the nominee."

Lauren Chen

Lauren Chen says Biden has a 'very low approval rating nationwide'


Chen also claimed that voters in California, even Democrats, would be "less excited to see Gavin Newsom on the ballot" than Biden.

She explained: "They may be excited because that means they'd get a different governor. But nationwide, perhaps people, including Democrats, are not as aware of all the different ways that Gavin Newsom has failed California.

"So there's the possibility there, just through sheer ignorance and change, that maybe Gavin does seem like a better option."

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