'Not a coincidence Donald Trump legal wrangles have come in 2024' - Lauren Chen

'Not a coincidence Donald Trump legal wrangles have come in 2024' - Lauren Chen

WATCH NOW: Lauren Chen says Trump's legal troubles are 'not a coincidence'

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 22/02/2024

- 12:04

Donald Trump will begin trial for allegedly concealing hush-money payments to Stormy Daniels in March

Donald Trump's latest round of legal battles ahead of the Presidential election are "not a coincidence", according to US political commentator Lauren Chen.

The former US President is storming ahead in the Republican primary polls as a looming rematch between him and Joe Biden grows more likely.

Trump and Biden are set to go head-to-head once again in November, as US voters head to the polls to choose their next leader.

As Trump continues to secure victories across the states, the ex-POTUS is also facing a number of legal troubles in the courts.

Donald Trump and Lauren Chen

Lauren Chen says Donald Trump's latest legal battles are 'not a coincidence'

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Trump is currently facing 91 charges across four separate cases, including his civil fraud case, where he was ruled by the judge to pay almost $355million in penalties.

He dubbed New York a "rigged state" and denies any wrongdoing in all cases made against him.

Reacting to the cases against Trump, political commentator and BlazeTV host Lauren Chen said the allegations are an "entire farce" and "completely political".

Chen noted that "a lot of people" believe particular judges are using the cases as "a form of activism specifically to bankrupt Donald Trump" in the hopes that he's not able to run for President.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been attending a New York court in connection with an alleged hush money payment


Chen told GBN America: "It's very concerning if you're interested in the American legal system's impartiality. Judge Arthur Engoron has without any jury trial deemed Donald Trump guilty of committing fraud.

"And not just that, but he has instilled this ludicrous amount of money that Trump now has to pay back. This screams political motivation."


Chen added that Trump's legal team are "intending very much to appeal this ruling".

She claimed: "The fact that this is even being an issue in court, the fact that this judge is a Democrat, it all screams political motivation.

"And I think the fact that all of these charges against Trump, not just this specific case, but this is all coming to head in 2024, that's not a coincidence."

Host Patrick Christys questioned Chen on the political impact of the cases on Donald Trump's campaign and his ability to run this year.

Lauren Chen

Lauren Chen says those carrying out the cases are 'hungry for Donald Trump's blood'

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Chen asserted: "Practically speaking, the result will be as intended by this judge and by all the other activists out there who are hungry for Donald Trump's blood.

"This is going to bog down his resources in nonsensical legal fees as well as take up valuable time he has that could be better spent doing things like campaigning."

She continued: "It's sort of annoying that simultaneously we have the whole Fani Willis case, because there you have almost things flipped around.

"You have someone who is definitely corrupt, who has used her position of power for ill gains."

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