SNP defector lives behind reinforced front door after Scottish nationalist' sick threats: 'I hope you burn'

SNP defector lives behind reinforced front door after Scottish nationalist' sick threats: 'I hope you burn'
Dan Falvey

By Dan Falvey

Published: 25/11/2023

- 09:59

The politician was temporarily forced to flee her home due to the sinister threats made at her

An MP forced into hiding after defecting from the SNP to the Tories has been able to return home - but is now living behind a reinforced front door.

Former SNP politician Lisa Cameron fled her property last month after receiving a string of sickening threats.

One email she received said: “I hope you burn.”

Now, in an exclusive interview with GBNews, Cameron said she’s been able to return home.

\u200bLisa Cameron

Lisa Cameron lives behind a reinforced door made from steel


She also told how Rishi Sunak had personally reached out to her when she pondered defecting - and praised the support he’s given her.

Speaking to Gloria De Piero in an interview to be broadcast on Sunday she praised the support she’d received in being able to finally get back home.

“Parliament and local police and the parliamentary security services have been amazing, I have to say,” she said.

“We've had a number of risk management procedures put in place for myself, for my family, and for staff.

“We've had to have our home sort of reinforced in a sense. They put a very strong steel door on my house, which I can hardly even imagine that I have - I mean it's reinforced steel!

"It looks nice, but you know, I've had to have new window panes put in, that kind of thing.

Lisa Cameron

Lisa Cameron told Gloria De Piero she was shocked Scottish politics has become so 'divided and toxic'


“So, it's been really very shocking that politics in Scotland could sink to those depths, to be honest, and appear so divided and toxic.”

Asked if she had been scared, Cameron said: “I think you're always scared as a mother for your children, and that's my main concern is my family and my children and my staff.

"The sort of key thing for me was making sure that we were all in a place of safety, and that's why we moved for the period of time under advice, and also the office and the constituency closed until the appropriate risk-management features could be put in place to protect my staff.

“So, I think given everything I've been through, I'm quite resilient in the fact that I feel it's important that people who are basically bullies are not going to win in this scenario. And therefore those making threats are not going to stop me doing my job every day, in the Parliament and in the constituency.”

Revealing the role Sunak played in persuading her to defect, Cameron told GB News: “When I was struggling, the Prime Minister was very kind and reached out to me to find out how I was doing.

"A lot of the cross-party work I've done in the past has meant that I've built very good connections and friendships with people right across all of the parties, including the Conservative Party.

“I mean, originally I come from a Conservative home, so that in some sense is also very natural to me because my parents are Conservatives.

"And in terms of the move from the Scottish National Party, there were issues in terms of disagreements I had with the way that they handled an abuse case against a member of staff; I chose to support the victim in that case in terms of reaching out to them, and also raised that I felt we should have a victim lead approach.

“And I really felt very let down that that wasn't the case in terms of what happened, and that people had been directed to support the perpetrator in that case, and that the victim eventually had to leave his job and didn't feel able to return.”

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