'Woke people are intolerant and are behind cancel culture’ claims Mark Dolan

'Woke people are intolerant and are behind cancel culture’ claims Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan shared his views

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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 01/07/2024

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Mark Dolan shared his views ahead of the general election

We just have to hope that whatever happens this coming Thursday, when the nation goes to the polls, that woke doesn't win.

And whether our next Prime Minister is Sir Keir Starmer or Rishi Sunak. One of these two men has got to spend the next five years pushing back on this divisive and frankly sinister movement, which is damaging our society.

The brilliant historian Niall Ferguson likens the increasingly woke West to the crumbling Soviet Russia after the Second World War.

He thinks it could bring down the West altogether. Writing for the excellent Free Press website, he said, "A bogus ideology that hardly anyone really believes in, but everyone has to parrot unless they want to be labelled dissidents.

Mark Dolan

Mark said that he hopes "that woke doesn't win" and the general election

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"Sorry, I mean deplorables. Check a population that no longer regards patriotism, religion, having children, or community involvement as important. Check.

"How about a massive disaster that lays bare the utter incompetence and mendacity that pervades every level of government for Chernobyl? Read Covid check."


He's absolutely right. As I said all the way back in 2020 on my old talkRADIO show, Covid was the first woke pandemic debate was stifled.

Critics of lockdown were called granny killers.

The virus coming through from a lab was a conspiracy theory, and those who couldn't understand why healthy people were forced to take the jab, and those who didn't want to cover their faces with a filthy, worthless rag were far-right. Make it make sense now.

Women are the greatest victims of wokery, with their hard-won sex-based rights being eroded by biological males who feel female.

Rishi Sunak announces General Election date outside Downing StreetRishi Sunak announced the General Election would take place on July 4PA

It reached nadir in Scotland when a male double-rapist was accommodated in a women's prison.

Some governments around the world are looking to make it illegal to misgender someone. In other words, to call a man in a dress a man.

That means it would be illegal to say something, which is the case. Hopefully that conveys to you the sheer gravity of the situation and why this mind virus must not prevail.

Mark Dolan

Mark shared his views ahead of the election

GB News

So-called critical race theory, a central plank of wokeness, is the opposite of Martin Luther King and the dream of a colour blind society.

This dark and sinister force freezes out the family, with kids transitioning at school from Johnny to Jane without the permission or knowledge of the child's parents.

It tells camp boys and butch tomboy girls that they're trans when they're probably gay. It tells young people that they're trans when they're either depressed, confused, or autistic.

This is a toxic political and cultural force, which is akin to a cult or a religion.

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