Students want their money back and I don't blame them - universities need to get with the programme, says Nana Akua

Students want their money back and I don't blame them - universities need to get with the programme, says Nana Akua
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Max Parry

By Max Parry

Published: 21/08/2022

- 17:30

Updated: 21/08/2022

- 22:06

It is no surprise students want their money back

A lot of people are saying that University is a waste of time and many students are demanding a refund and who can blame them..

70 grand of debt if you’re lucky ..and to study what.. Some vague sounding courses that don’t really qualify you to do anything in particular...

Sociology springs to mind which is basically about making excuses for what you are..

So if you turn out to be a criminal it’s because your mum didn’t love you etc.. A degree about excuses.. I’m already pretty good at that.. Only joking.. Remember this !!

Add Covid to the mix and two years of a three year course in lockdown with very little face to face learning, it’s no wonder students are complaining..

The course transgressing online and changing beyond any recognition of what they signed up for.. but the cost, over £9,000 per year remaining the same.. and even though it is online, then still having to fork out rent for a room that you cannot leave because of lockdown.

You might as well stay at home, many did.. What’s the point?? There’s even now talk of increasing the fee to £24,000 per year to match the rate paid by their foreign counterparts.

It is no surprise they want their money back..

Student Tia O’Donnell’s post went viral when she sported an outfit demanding a refund for her practical art course at the University of the Arts London which was basically conducted via laptop.

She said “ There hasn’t been any consideration for students”

When I went to University most people got a grant.. – Unfortunately, I didn’t qualify. If your parents income was above a threshold, you didn’t get anything. So I didn’t get anything.. Great in theory because that sounds like it means your parents are rich, but in reality, there were 4 of us, and put it this way, my dad didn’t get where he was by giving money away. I think he quite enjoyed the fact that we had be extra good if we wanted anything.

I did a business degree and had to subsidise what he gave me with a small student loan, dancing in clubs and I had a job as a bouncer at the Union bars. Sarcasm and humour were my weapons. But at least I got to leave home, go to lectures, get out, meet people and experience University life. I left with a student loan of just £3000 and a Business Degree.. Money well spent..

That can hardly be said for nowadays.. It’s cost a fortune to go, and good luck If the degree is a bit vague, like Sociology, I’m not even sure if it’s actually worth doing, Universities are run like a business’s.. and in the business, something I studied, if you do not provide what is agreed or what you provide is not fit for purpose, customers are well within their rights to demand a refund..

Universities need to get with the programme.

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