Scrap Net Zero or prepare for an embarrassing but predictable retreat, says Nana Akua

Nana Akua
Nana Akua
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Nana Akua

By Nana Akua

Published: 05/02/2023

- 16:28

This ridiculous goal of Net Zero is completely unachievable, be honest with the country, we’re not stupid

When I talked about the electric car con, a load of very smug EV owners bragged about the money they were saving and how amazing their cars were. How they didn’t have to pay road tax and congestion charges and how they have never been caught short without a charger.

Oh how I returned my smugness when I see now that it is more expensive to power up your electric car, petrol is actually cheaper even at its current extortionate rate, which the powers that be clearly want us to get used to, so the transition from one extortion to another will be smoother, give or take the extra forty grand or so required to supposedly upgrade.

But it seems once again and very predictably something has gone wrong with the math, something you and I knew was blatantly obvious.

If the government are to meet the decarbonisation target in 2035, when the sale of all new petrol and hybrid vehicles will be banned in Europe, in the UK that date is 2030 it would mean according to their own figures, that 80 percent of the miles driven would have to be by electric vehicles, so that’s 4 out of every 5 miles, a 21 fold increase in just 12 years, if that happens, pigs will fly first.

Let’s not even talk about charging points, only then will the UK meet the dreaded Net Zero target by 2050. Even the electric car supply chains are unable facilitate the government’s target.

There aren’t even any fully electrified HGV’s being produced to scale and with this cost of living crisis and spiralling inflation who do they think can afford these things when the incentives to purchase them are crumbling.

And when you’ve got the boss of BP, Bernard Looney announcing that he plans to cut back on renewable energy projects and stick with oil and gas investments after they raked in huge profits again.

I think the words he used were “dial back” on their green energy push.. AND that he’s concerned about the lower returns from renewables like wind and solar.

It’s beginning to sound like the energy companies aren’t prepared to support this ideology either.

Even councils are rallying against this nonsense. Sadiq Khan’s plans for low traffic neighbourhoods which would only push the problem elsewhere and destroy businesses had met heavy resistance.

From what I can see, the government are at odds with the people of this country, whilst we all support the notion of cleaner air and a healthier environment, I for one am not happy with the way we are being forced to supposedly achieve this.

It’s time for them to come clean, tell the truth. This ridiculous goal of Net Zero is completely unachievable, be honest with the country, we’re not stupid.

We are all looking at our homes thinking where the hell are we going to charge an electric car, we don’t have time in our lives to waste like that.

We are working ten to the dozen trying to keep our heads above water. And that’s before we’ve even considered how we are supposed to afford all of this.

It is time for the government to rethink this ideological madness, by their own calculations it is clearly unachievable and frankly ridiculous. Save face and scrap Net zero or prepare for an embarrassing but predictable retreat.

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