Richard Tice reacts to Holly Valance backing Reform UK

Richard Tice reacts to Holly Valance backing Reform UK
Pop star Holly Valance: I’m voting Reform UK at the general election
Richard Tice

By Richard Tice

Published: 16/03/2024

- 10:43

Updated: 16/03/2024

- 11:41

The leader of Reform has spoken after the popstar announced her support for the party

Celebrities are rarely shy about anything, after all it is important to be seen and heard to add to the brand value.

One area stands out from the crowd, where you do not often hear celebrities from any sector give their views. Politics. The reasons are obvious when you think about it.

People aspire to and look up to celebrities and imagine their lives, their fame in a blissful way that takes one away from the daily trials and tribulations of life.

Controversy, debate, disagreements and disappointments are not part of the agenda.

During the Brexit debate, we Leavers had visions of being able to get celebs to endorse our view.

But despite knowing many famous sports personalities were privately in favour of Leave, they would not “go over the top” and come out for us.

Bad for the brand was the common theme. Secretly, there were a lot of famous but shy Brexiteers.

Likewise it turns out there are plenty of shy Reformers who are celebrities but who fear that it would not be good their brand to be open about this.

It is a sign of how the cancel culture that pervades our society instills such anxiety, in a direct rebuttal to the concept of free speech in a vibrant democracy.

Reform UK is now polling as the third largest political party in the UK, at between 12-14% and just 5-10% below the Tories. We now have our first MP in the House of Commons with Lee Anderson.

This is why it is so delightful that we learn today that Holly Valance has said publicly on GB News that she will vote for Reform UK.

This will be of great encouragement and comfort to many of her fans as an actress and singer, who are also Reformers, but maybe a bit coy about saying so.

We want more celebrities to have the courage to follow Holly.

This is a time for courage not shyness!

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