Patrick Christys: The demonisation of those who haven’t been jabbed is deeply wrong

Patrick Christys
Patrick Christys
GB News
Patrick Christys

By Patrick Christys

Published: 23/12/2021

- 09:43

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 11:33

Calling people idiots is only going to make the unvaccinated less likely to go and get a jab

Credit where credit is due, Boris Johnson has stuck to his guns so far and we’ve got Christmas. Christmas is go.

And we got an early present didn’t we - Omicron looks like it may be, surprise, surprise, milder.

Who’d have thought it?

Early evidence suggests fewer people are needing hospital treatment than with other variants - with estimates ranging from a 30% to a 70% reduction.

The researchers said they were seeing a roughly two-thirds reduction in the number needing hospital care.

The latest study from South Africa showed people were 70-80% less likely to need hospital treatment.

Apparently, there is a 40% reduction in needing to stay in hospital for more than a day.

Also, in a second study, researchers at Imperial College London have analysed data in England that included 56,000 cases of Omicron and 269,000 cases of Delta.

The researchers also analysed the impact of prior infection and found that those infected with Omicron after a previous infection were 50 to 60 percent less likely to be hospitalized, compared with people with no previous documented infection.

Obviously, there’s a long way to go but, hey, it looks like this could be the answer, the key to freedom, dare I say it.... the end of the pandemic – whisper it.

In short, it looks like if you get Omicron, you don’t get as sick, and you’re less likely to end up in hospital, and less likely to stay in hospital for a long time, which means, ladies and gentlemen, the NHS should not be overwhelmed.

Which also means… no need for any more restrictions, in my opinion

Until another variant comes along and scares the living heck out of us that is.

And, fair play to Boris again for not going over the top with the rules and regs.

Mark Drakeford in Wales has been exposed again hasn’t he?

I think the rules in Wales are INSANE - as it stands you will get fined if you go into the office, but you can still go to the pub.

So you could move your entire office to the pub and work from there, that would be ok, but the second you nip into your workplace to pick up your laptop charger you're fined.

The booster jab rollout has been a triumph as well, despite Tony Blair’s best efforts.

He called the unvaccinated idiots.

Isn’t it funny how it’s usually the lefties who are the most authoritarian? We’ve mentioned Drakeford, I think it’s fair to at least suggest that under Blair we’d have a two tier society with massive restrictions on the unvaccinated.

Regardless of your personal views, for what it’s worth I have been jabbed, not that it’s anyone’s business really, the demonisation of those who haven’t is deeply wrong.

Calling people idiots is only going to make the unvaccinated less likely to go and get a jab, it will solidify their resolve. At the end of the day, if Tony Blair told me it was raining I’d have to go outside and check. Forgive me for not thinking Blair is a man of real moral authority. I imagine that’s a view I share by the people of Baghdad.

I know a lot of people will be isolating, I know a lot of people may have lost loved ones throughout this pandemic, but you know what, it is a real pleasure to sit here today, with Christmas just around the corner, and be able to report that it really does look like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Merry Christmas everyone.

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