Britain is changing without public consent and certainly without any public enthusiasm, claims Mark Dolan

Britain is changing without public consent and certainly without any public enthusiasm, claims Mark Dolan

Britain 'changing without public consent and certainly without any public enthusiasm'

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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 25/02/2024

- 14:16

Mark Dolen shared his big opinion on the way the UK is developing

We are living in an age of intolerance. In 2024, if someone disagrees with you, not only is there a difference of opinion, you are a bad person. You are the enemy. The healthy competition of ideas has made way for cult like ideologies, political scripture, unbending narratives and tribal loyalties.

Whether it's Brexit, pandemic measures, the conflict in Gaza, transrights, net zero, there is a correct opinion and a wrong opinion. All of these issues are subject to the tyranny of what in most cases is a tiny minority.

But the capture of our public and private institutions by bonkers, Progressive ideas like the idea that the West is shameful and our history is something to apologise for.

The idea that you can change your biological sex like that. The idea that the planet's about to blow up next Tuesday, not to mention a total assault on rationality and science.

Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan claimed that Britain "is changing"

GB News

All of this has been achieved without a single vote being cast. The woke mob, who reflects only a small portion of British public opinion, estimated by the politics professor Matthew Goodwin to be less than 10% of the population, dominate.

Our politics are rife in the public and private sector and seem to enjoy a majority stake in our media.

The latest is this extraordinary story in the Daily Telegraph, which reveals that the top Russell Group universities believe that the idea of the best person for the job is a micro aggression.

That's right folks, merit is dead and being good at things is a bad thing. As far as I'm concerned, the downfall of the West can't happen fast enough. Bring popcorn.

Our country is changing without public consent and certainly without any public enthusiasm. Ordinary people across the land, they're sick and tired of living in a country where they're afraid of what to say or what to think.

Big Ben London

London 's landmark Big Ben has "from the River to the sea" projected onto it this week


I predict there will be a cultural backlash and it will eventually correct the other way and we'll get back to normal common sense. The truth. Facts will win. But without realising it, we've sleepwalked into a more serious and troubling crisis, one which is threatening the rule of law and our democracy.

Whether it's insulate Britain gluing themselves to the motorway and rather than being arrested, asked whether they'd like a drink or a sandwich. Whether it's dozy cops watching in silence as eco protesters smash up the windows of bank headquarters.

Whether it's Islamic extremists chanting anti-Semitic slurs and literally projecting hate speech onto Big Ben, which we saw this week, the police and the wider criminal justice system appear to have given up enforcing the law or have indulged in a very forgiving interpretation of it.

Jewish kids can't go to school wearing any religious clothing for fear of attack. Jews now avoid our major cities. At the weekend when those so-called peace marches are happening. Now many do March in peace.

Mark Dolan

Dolan said "Soon Britain will be a write off."

GB News

They want an end to the bloodshed. But too many do not. The ballot box has been replaced by activist politics and, frankly, anarchy.

Labour MPs are now too terrified to vote against a ceasefire in the Middle East. Front benchers like Rachel Reeves and Angela Rayner are ambushed by aggressive, extreme thugs because of their party's position on Israel and its right to self defence. The Tory MP for the largely Jewish constituency of Golders Green is to stand down at the next election because of death threats. Another MP, Andrew Percy, said this week that he felt safer in Israel than in the United Kingdom.

The Guardian newspaper published an opinion piece by Just Stop Oil encouraging protesters to turn up at the homes of MPs who do not comply with their radical and let's be honest, harebrained agenda.

We've got blasphemy laws now by the back door, not voted for by the British people, with a 14 year old autistic boy in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, subjected to a terrifying kangaroo court after accidentally scuffing a copy of the Koran as dozy local cops nod their heads in meek compliance. A school teacher in Batley, still on the run for showing an image of the Prophet Muhammad as an educational tool and MPs didn't want to risk voting a certain way this week for fear of violence and reprisals. Not my words. The words of the leader of the opposition, Starmer. That is what he told Speaker Hoyle, which saw the vote scrapped.

Our laws, our traditions, our values and our democracy are being fatally eroded. The authorities are asleep at the wheel and a crash is coming. Soon Britain will be a write off.

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