Don't buy the mainstream agenda - Labour will lead to state control, union profits and higher taxes for EVERYONE, blasts David Morris MP

​Angela Rayner and Sir Keir Starmer

Sir Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner will be leading any Labour government

David Morris MP

By David Morris MP

Published: 25/03/2024

- 11:12

Updated: 25/03/2024

- 15:51

David Morris MP reveals how Labour is a wolf in sheep's clothing and Tory voters should be wary

At the moment according to certain mainstream media outlets you would think that everything the Tories do is wrong.

The fact is we had a very good budget.

In effect there has been an income tax cut of 4% in the last 12 months, inflation has fallen from 11 per cent to 4 per cent since Jeremy Hunt became Chancellor which is extraordinary and we are out performing all other Economies in the EU and growth to the UK economy has returned.

Sunak is also on track to delivering his five pledges. All this against a backdrop of a major war in Europe and recovering from a pandemic that the Conservative Government paid billions into furlough to keep everyone afloat as well as millions in developing a vaccine that was freely given to the rest of the world to get us all back to normality.

People and the media have short memories if the pollsters and media would have you believe.

Labour are quick to point out that the economy is in a state due to Liz Truss’s budget yet it was eerily similar to what Sir Keir Starmer and his Labour Party endorsed while trying to make Corbyn Prime Minister. The Conservatives made a swift correction in that period of 45 days. So what has changed in Labour?

The short answer is that under unelectable Corbyn they had policies and now they have none.

Take the £28bn u-turn. Labour couldn’t make it stack up. It makes the cynic in you question whether this policy was an appeasement to the joint Labour doner to Just Stop Oil. And what about the dropped policy of the Sue Grey Citizens Assembly debacle? At least it only cost 12 hours of internal Labour navel gazing instead of hundreds of un-costed millions for a system to rival Parliament.

I have yet to find anyone who can actually define what Labour's energy policy is.

Their ‘Great British Energy Company’ that sounds too close to the Tory Government's. ‘Great British Nuclear’ looks like re-nationalisation of the UK energy sector. If it isn’ does a good impersonation of it.

A recent report given to me by the impartial House of Commons Library states that Labour's paymasters Unite union, estimates it would cost between £90 billion and £196 billion to re-nationalise the energy sector.

The same report estimates that nationalising just energy suppliers would cost £3.5 billion, which in contrast compares to a Trades Union Congress (TUC) estimate of £2.85 billion. In plain English to be paid for by you in huge tax rises whatever un-costed figure they pluck out of thin air.

Labour whose paymasters are the Unions and Unite being just one of them, want to create the “Great British Energy Company” by nationalisation of the energy sector.

They want to windfall tax the energy companies, but… nationalise them at the same time! What does that mean?

Quite simply state control and union profits and higher taxes for everyone and drive down wages in our energy sector as it will be profit less.

Not good for my constituents in Morecambe and Lunesdale. Yet their candidates are criticising the Tories for not building new nuclear quick enough and protecting the associated skills sector. This is rich coming from a Party that stopped nuclear build in its entirety when last in power?!

Only a few weeks ago, Louise Haigh MP said on GB News that Labour will re-nationalise the railways, but yet again according to the House of Commons Library which is totally impartial, there have been no costings into this proposal to be found anywhere?

Even on a parish council level, Labour and Lib Dem’s have inflicted a cost of living crisis on my constituents by double taxation .

Last year, they raised the precept on the Town Council by 231% for an extra £1 million to buy land that was already owned by the higher district council and was not for sale.

They raised it again this year and spanked the taxpayers of Morecambe for over a million and kept £1 million pounds in reserve, doubtless to be used on vanity projects of their convenience and choice.

This is a Parish Council?! What would Labour do if they were in power? The answer is obvious. Just look at bankrupt Labour Councils and for a national model, just look at Wales.

Labour costs you money. If you buy into the agendas of the mainstream media be very careful, as would you bet your house and savings on Labour's un-costed plans? All evidence and history points to a bankrupt Britain on the way under Labour and every Labour government has left office with higher unemployment and higher debt than when they started. The choice is yours…

David Morris is the Conservative MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale, and has been an MP continually since 6 May 2010

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