It’s time for Halifax to put an end to this utter pronoun nonsense, says Mark Dolan

It’s time for Halifax to put an end to this utter pronoun nonsense, says Mark Dolan
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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 01/07/2022

- 21:27

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 10:53

There aren't many, bank branches, around these days, unfortunately, but when you DO find one, what are you looking for?

There aren't many, bank branches, around these days, unfortunately, but when you DO find one, what are you looking for?

Perhaps a loan, or a mortgage. Maybe you need, to do something about your, overdraft, or take out some cash, if you're one of the few people in this country, that’s still GOT any.

What you don't, expect is a political lecture.

You don't, expect, to have someone wag their finger at you, and tell you, you're a bigot. You don't go in there, to be re-educated, about how gender works, or to have your “problematic” thinking, re-calibrated, by a BANK worker, in a machine washable polyester suit from Next.

Well sadly, that is the sight, that will greet you, if you enter a branch of Halifax, where staff are being encouraged, to show the pronouns, by which they identify, on their badges.

Image there of Gemma, she/her/hers. Hashtag pronouns matter.

Do they? Why someone called “Gemma”, needs to flag up she’s a woman, is anyone's guess. I don't know too many BLOKES call Gemma, and I don't know, too many WOMEN called Steve.

Though given the madness, that is now playing out across the western world, in relation, to gender, I guess anything is possible.

Wokeism is fascism dressed up as empathy, says Mark Dolan.
Wokeism is fascism dressed up as empathy, says Mark Dolan.
Image: GB News

And let me tell you, it IS madness. Just this week, it was revealed, that an, increasingly woke NHS – that you and I pay a lot of money for - has removed the word woman from information about - wait for it - the menopause. This is hot on the heels, of an online NHS factsheet, about cervical cancer, again not mentioning women.

This follows breastfeeding women, becoming chest feeding people, and PREGNANT women becoming, birthing humans. If you don't think there’s a concerted attempt to erase women and to eliminate the privileges that women have fought for, for decades, then you are living, on another planet. And lucky you, because life on THIS planet is becoming intolerable.

In my view, this extreme trans ideology, is pure misogyny – it’s men bullying women, all over again. But this time the men are wearing a dress. This rubbish about inclusion, is nothing more than, lip service in lipstick, and hypocrisy, in HEELS.

Wokeism is fascism, dressed up as empathy.

I don't buy a word, of Halifax’s story, that this is just, a voluntary measure. We are living, in an era of politically correct, group think - orthodox values and opinions, to which you must adhere.

And we are, in an era, in which free speech, is being replaced by compelled speech. Because by encouraging people to wear these badges, they're effectively bullying them, twisting their arm and guilt tripping them, into signing up to gender ideology, which challenges the basic biological fact that there are two sexes.

This policy from Halifax, amounts to compelled speech. Which worker at this bank, is going to be brave enough to NOT wear a badge. Good luck with that. As we saw, with other coercive, totalitarian, collectivist policies like masks during the pandemic, even when you DIDN’T have to wear one, you were shamed, into doing so. It'll be the same with these badges. You don't HAVE to wear a badge with your pronouns, but if you don't, it will be duly noted. And a missionary from the church of woke, whose flock is growing, will come after you.

Now I am wildly, PRO trans. I’ve had many friends, who have been on that important, and joyous journey. Transphobia, is just as horrific and disgraceful, as homophobia, sexism or racism.

If you were born male, but as an adult you feel female, you are entitled to identify, any which way you like. I’m a libertarian.

Anything goes baby. But extreme trans-ideology, which many trans people themselves hate and reject, is at best bullying, coercive and scientifically wrong-headed, and at worst, dystopian and dangerous.

A Halifax branch in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire.
A Halifax branch in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire.
Jonathan Brady

Oh and it's misogynistic and homophobic too. Misogynistic because if rolled out, this gender free universe, will see the disappearance of female-only spaces, will impact the integrity of female-only sport, and will potentially put women in danger, with people in possession of a man's body, but identifying as female, incarcerated, in women's prisons (sometimes impregnating their cellmate, the immaculate conception) and placed in domestic abuse shelters and even rape crisis centres.

And it’s homophobic, because it labels a lesbian, a bigot if she’s not willing to have sex, with someone that has a penis calling himself a woman, …and it labels a gay man a bigot, if he’s not attracted to someone with a vagina, that just happens to identify as male.

I’m no expert on gay men, but I have it on good authority, they are not in the vagina business. And lesbians, are not know, to seek out the John Thomas.

Sometimes the stories you hear are beyond comedy. Like this urgent tweet from the Canadian police, looking for a missing woman, that’s right, a missing WOMAN called Isabella Degrace.

Here she is. Poor sweetheart, where could she be? Probably popped to Victoria’s Secret or maybe she’s getting her nails done. Isabella Degrace, what a disgrace.

Ex soldier Chloe Thompson exposed her penis and used wheelie bin as sex toy in public.

Chloe, such a naughty girl - you got your willy out – how could you sister? Women have become so un lady-like these days. Women and their willies eh? This is all so wrong, and I’m not alone thinking this. The worlds most famous trans woman, and a hero of mine Kaitlyn Jenner, wholeheartedly rejects extreme gender ideology

She says it's gone too far and has said biological males, participating in womens’ sport shouldn't happen and is unfair and wrong.

Watching biological women like Lia Thomas, still boasting the full meat and two veg, breaking records and smashing young women in the pool, young women who have trained all their lives, and made huge sacrifices. Disgraceful.

What about the story this week, of Riki Tres, a 29 year old biological male, again identifying as female, winning first place, against a 13 year old girl, in a skateboard competition.

Born with a schlong, makes this wrong. Which is why Halifax’s participation in this fiction, that you can change biological sex, is so insidious. Of COURSE they're not trying to make the world better. They are virtue signalling and making money. They say they want to avoid, misgendering people, hence the badges. How do you misgender, someone called Gemma? Although I must admit Isabella Degrace has got me confused.

Where could she be? Just popped to Zara for a blouse probably. Or buying make up at Boots. Number 7.

And they talk about inclusion. Except any customers, who don't like the pronouns policy, and who don't appreciate, this explicitly political intervention from their bank, have been flatly told, they can cancel their account.

Charming. Talk about inclusive. Poor old Andy M, must have woken up with a sore head this morning.

And by the way, what bank is in a position, to take the moral high ground, given that they fine customers, for going a few pence over their overdraft, or are a day late for a monthly payment, in the midst of a cost of living crisis.

And how dare Halifax, in particular, behave with such arrogance and swagger, saying “you can close your account if you want to”, given that they themselves, were bailed out, to the tune of £30 billion in 2008, during the credit crunch – 30 billion quid's worth, of your, and my money.

Pronouns have been added to staff badges in Halifax.
Pronouns have been added to staff badges in Halifax.
Image: Halifax

WE should have closed, THEIR account.

Whether it's Ben & Jerry's, making pronouncements about Britain's border policy or Halifax handing out these badges, I believe the public will vote with their feet.

You know the catchphrase, go woke go broke. Gender ideology, is highly controversial and organisations should stay out of it, rather than feeding the monster, which threatens the identity, safety, rights and freedoms of women, and which brands gay people, transphobic for not being attracted, to the opposite physical gender.

Thousands of customers, many female, are likely to accept Halifax’s kind invitation to close their accounts, and take their hard-earned cash, elsewhere.

The Mail are already report a mass exodus – with one irate customer, pulling out half a million quid’s worth of savings.

Now I don’t want Halifax to go bust – no pun intended - or suffer a pile on. Just keep the politics out of your business model, and stick to the day job. My message is clear: bogus bonkers bankers bloody bog off. It’s time for an end to this utter proNOUNsense.

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