From broken Britain to aspiration nation, says Dan Wootton

From broken Britain to aspiration nation, says Dan Wootton
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Dan Wootton

By Dan Wootton

Published: 06/09/2022

- 21:18

Updated: 06/09/2022

- 23:48

I am confident that, together, we can ride out the storm. We must. Because the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.

Just a fortnight ago, I admitted reluctantly and with some sorrow during my nightly Digest on this show that it’s hard not to feel that something fundamental in Britain is broken.

A totemic cost of lockdown crisis, with soaring energy bills causing households and businesses to fear for their futures.

A faltering NHS sucking up 45 per cent of all state funding into its financial black hole.

An illegal invasion of migrants via the Channel.

An epidemic of crime causing the streets of Lawless Britain to feel acutely dangerous.

Much in the UK needs to be fixed. And fast.

Dan Wootton
Dan Wootton
GB News

But forgive me for feeling just a scintilla of hope as the new Prime Minister emerged into a stormy London outside Number 10 Downing Street to declare she has vision for this great United Kingdom.

Liz Truss - a former Lib Dem republican whose political and personal path to the premiership is a great British success story - believes we can become an aspiration nation.

Sure, it’s going to be necessary to clear up this total mess largely caused by locking down our economy for over two years.

But, she believes, there’s a path to greater things, not the socialist hellscape offered by a Starmer/Sturgeon coalition from hell.

We now face severe global headwinds caused by Russia's appalling war in Ukraine and the aftermath of Covid.

Now is the time to tackle the issues that are holding Britain back.

We need to build roads, homes and broadband faster.

We need more investment and great jobs in every town and city across our country.

We need to reduce the burden on families and help people get on in life.

I know that we have what it takes to tackle those challenges.

Of course, it won't be easy, but we can do it.

We will transform Britain into an aspiration nation with high paying jobs, safe streets, and where everyone everywhere has the opportunities they deserve.

I will take action this day and action every day to make it happen.

I believe she is going to put everything into this mission.

The sexist claptrap being spouted about the stupidity of Truss these past few weeks sums up the nasty left.

She’s an Oxford-educated former executive who has served longer than any other minister in Cabinet under three different Prime Ministers to emerge as the leader of the world’s most successful political party.

Stupid my arse!

But the challenge Truss now faces is on a different level of anything she has faced before.

The political establishment, the blob, the mainstream media and the entire Westminster system view her as weak and what the Tory party out.

She is going to have to be laser focussed, brave and bold like her inspiration Margaret Thatcher to push through her reforms, with just two years before a general election that will determine the future of the Union.

Today she laid out the game plan:

"I have a bold plan to grow the economy through tax cuts and reform. I will cut taxes to reward hard work and boost business led growth and investment. I will drive reform in my mission to get the United Kingdom working building and growing."

"We'll get spades in the ground to make sure people are not facing unaffordable energy bills. And we will also make sure that we are building hospitals, schools, roads or broadband."

"Secondly, I will deal hands on with the energy crisis caused by Putin's war. I will take action this week to deal with energy bills and to secure our future energy supply."

"Thirdly, I will make sure that people can get doctor's appointments and the NHS services they need."

Tackling just one of those issues would be a challenge for even the most competent administration.

But as Truss said "As strong as the storm may be, I know that the British people are stronger."

Our country was built by people who get things done we have huge reserves of talent of energy and determination.

I am confident that, together, we can ride out the storm.

We must. Because the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.

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