BORIS: You lockdown if you want to, the nation’s not returning, says Mark Dolan

BORIS: You lockdown if you want to, the nation’s not returning, says Mark Dolan
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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 08/04/2022

- 21:30

Updated: 09/04/2022

- 10:11

In a GB News exclusive interview, the Prime Minister refused to rule out future lockdowns

They think it's all over - it ISN'T now. Boris Johnson, the prime minister, has given, an exclusive interview, to GB News, in which he refused, to rule out future lockdowns.

Welcome to hell. This is why I lost faith with Boris, early this year, when the Mail on Sunday reported, that it was in fact Lord Frost, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Rishi Sunak, who stopped Boris cancelling Christmas.

Boris Johnson spoke exclusively to GB News - you watch the interview in full tomorrow.
Boris Johnson spoke exclusively to GB News - you watch the interview in full tomorrow.

The Mail wrote, that he was about to cave, in to doom-monger scientists, until the Government's Covid hawks, including Chancellor Sunak, swooped This freedom loving, libertarian prime minister, says one thing, and does another. Something to which, his many wives and ex-girlfriends, will no doubt attest.

Remember the Prime Minister’s, irreversible, ending of Covid measures? Threatening them, in the future, doesn't sound very irreversible, to me. And he's even invoking, the same apocalyptic language, as science chiefs, Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance, talking about possible worse, future variants, which may, EMERGE.

Do you not think we've got enough problems, without worrying about viruses that don't even exist yet. And when did a virus ever get worse, by the way - they usually weaken in their potency over time. Omicron, is famously milder, than Delia Smith's recipe, for chicken tikka masala. I don't want a prime minister, that won't rule out future lockdowns. Because this wretched strategy, which has caused so much human, societal and economic damage, has PATENTLY failed.

Show me a country in the world, that didn't have lockdowns, mask mandates or vaccine passports, that has had, a disproportionately higher, Covid death toll. Many fared better. There ought to be a difference, in the graph between those two types of countries, the lockdown countries and the non-lockdown ones, but there is none. Proof of lockdown effectiveness, is up there with Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, the Emperor's new Clothes, Elton John’s hair and the simultaneous orgasm.

In other words, strangely elusive. But the naked truth, is that in my view, lockdowns, caused more harm than good, which is why it's terrifying, to hear the prime minister, continue to pedal this anti-scientific madness. And why would he? He doesn’t need to say ANY of these things.

Previous experience would tell us, we are being softened up, for more of these measures in the future. I want to give this guy a chance, and I want him to prove me wrong. But if Boris Johnson, wants to lock us down this winter, add another trillion quid to the national debt, and mask us up with those worthless face nappies all over again, then I want him OUT.

I’ll take anyone, that won’t repeat the terrible mistakes of the past. I'd rather have The Krankies in charge, and they are on the show later. I might ask them, if they fancy the job.

In his interview with GB News, Boris even dared to compare himself to Margaret Thatcher by saying she would've approach Covid in the same way. What a cheek, to invoke her memory and legacy, and put words in her mouth. Well here was the public response.

Boris Johnson flanked by Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance.
Boris Johnson flanked by Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance.
Toby Melville

Even if a new variant, is TEN times worse, which, let's pray it's not, doesn't there come a point, where you accept, that you can't borrow any more money, that you can’t close down any more businesses, lock children in their homes and ignore other diseases? Surely the economic and human price of "saving the NHS” – which we didn’t save by the way - is no longer an option? The problem, is one of politics.

The Prime Minister and this current generation of scientific advisors, have signed up to the dogma, originating from the Chinese communist party, of masking the public and shutting down society. They have to keep the myth alive, that these measures help, in order to not show, they made a mistake. But how refreshing would it BE, if they did, just that? A new politician, or a new political party, would never sign up for these measures, knowing, what we know now.

But Boris will defend them, Keir Starmer will defend them, Joe Biden will defend them. It's probably only when this lot have gone, that, the TRUTH will out. I can forgive and forget, given how little we knew, about the virus two years ago. But now, in April 2022, knowing what we do, for Boris Johnson, to threaten, more of these ILLIBERAL, socialist measures, is deeply wrong, and achieves, a level of HYPOCRISY, and double standards I just can't stomach.

What we NEEDED to hear from the PM, is that we just can't afford another lockdown, and that their effectiveness, is debatable at best. We needed to hear, a plan for increasing hospital capacity, in the NHS. We needed a clear messages that the war on covid is over. We can't keep doing this folks.

The country's mental health is wrecked, the economy absolutely trashed – look at inflation, look at the national debt, look at taxes - it's a total nightmare, all self-inflicted, all because of these lockdowns, that Johnson, won't rule out in the future. It’s my view, and that of many eminent scientists, that Covid cannot and never could be controlled. If we have another lockdown, how much more damage, will we tolerate? Can we live with 15% inflation, for example? 20%? 30%? What about the national debt, it's currently over 2 trillion - shall we go to 3 trillion? 4 trillion? 5? Should we just bankrupt the nation, and get ourselves to where Greece were in 2008? Or Zimbabwe now?

The prime minister, MUST know this is wrong, because he and his colleagues, spent lockdown partying, like it was 1999, with literal suitcases of booze, going into number 10, every five minutes. I actually don't care about partygate. I'm not angry about it. I'm angry about the policy of lockdown, and mask mandates, which all of those staffers at number 10, clearly knew were pointless - otherwise, they wouldn't have dared getting together, unmasked, participating in quizzes, drinking games, and in the case of Matt Hancock, snogs in the corridor.

I don't care about the political colour of our leaders, just that they exercise judgement, look at data, are flexible and make decisions, in the national interest, based upon the principles of a liberal democracy, and a free society.

We have to accept this virus. Something that we should have done, in March 2020. I honestly believe, if we had done nothing, we would be in better shape now. But I never advocated nothing. We should have focussed on protecting, the vulnerable, whilst allowing healthy people, to get on with their lives, and contribute to the economy, and yes, get Covid and recover, as recommended by the great Barrington declaration, which was signed up to, by some of the world’s greatest scientists and medics.

But even if we HAD done nothing, the national debt would be tiny now, inflation low and the economy, would have billions of quid’s worth of economic output, sitting in the nation's bank account, with which to protect the vulnerable, and pay for the NHS. The only thing we got out of lockdown, was this cost of living crisis, which will likely claim, and damage, more lives, than Covid ever could. So now we've got a broken country, punch-drunk from restrictions, on its uppers, skint, sad, divided and angry.

In the end, I TRUST the judgement, of the British people. I don't think they'll put up, with another winter of lockdowns, and mask mandates. I always said, the public were largely COMPLIANT, with Covid measures in the FIRST place, because many were bribed by furlough, and cheap loans, brainwashed by the press, and I pointed out, that the actual BILL for these measures, hadn’t come in yet. Well here we are.

The bill HAS come in, and tragically, ordinary households cannot pay it. And the government can’t really help, because IT has maxed out the nation’s credit card, in a diabolical, overreaction to a virus, which is nasty YES, but mild and non-fatal to most.

As the dreadful, cost of living crisis WORSENS, the public, having felt the REAL WORLD, consequences, of these bonkers measures, will say NO MORE.

To loosely PARAPHRASE, Mrs Thatcher, Boris, YOU lock down, if you want to, the nation’s not returning.

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