One of the greatest countries on Earth is being extinguished - my heart sinks as I type this, writes Ben Habib

Ben Habib in the GB News newsroom

Ben Habib in the GB News newsroom

GB News
Ben Habib

By Ben Habib

Published: 04/03/2024

- 11:01

Updated: 04/03/2024

- 11:29

Reform UK candidate Ben Habib blasted rampant immigration in the UK

The United Kingdom is effectively borderless. It faces its end as a nation state.

The Conservative Party talks tough on immigration and does the opposite. For 14 years, we have heard about how they will reduce it, for it only to go on rising relentlessly year after year.

Over the last 5 years the UK has legally taken in some 5 million migrants; with over 100,000 entering illegally. That is close on 8 per cent of the population.

No nation state can economically cope with such growth in its population.

No nation state can survive such an underlying cultural change.

And the security risk from 100,000 people of whom we know very little is high, to put it mildly.

These numbers may not be familiar to readers because HMG concentrates on net migration. Those figures are lower because bright young Britons are leaving our shores at a record rate. During the same period, over 1.5 million British citizens have emigrated. This is the brain drain in operation.

We are losing our youth, brains and skills; swapping them for cheap unskilled imported labour.

This cheap work force undercuts British workers, prevents wages from rising, making it difficult for British citizens to earn enough to survive, especially with taxes at a record high.

So they emigrate, or absent themselves from the workforce. There are now 6 million people on benefits, double the figure 5 years ago. Instead of being economically productive and generating tax for the Exchequer, they are straining national finances. Britain is not working because of immigration and taxation.

This unskilled immigration also takes pressure off companies to upskill and automate processes. Our productivity is low because we are practicing a third world economic model based on cheap labour.

This may suit Tory ministers wanting cushy directorships in the corporate sector after the next election but the rest of us are materially the poorer for it.

The burdens on the NHS, housing, schooling, law enforcement, our public pensions and so on are being materially increased through rampant immigration.

It is a lie, perpetrated by the Treasury, that immigration boosts the economy. The form of immigration we are practising is destroying our economy.

Then there is the visible impact on the social fabric of the country. Multiple imported cultures could not possibly be integrated into the UK at the rate at which they are entering but we actually do not even try. Instead of a policy of integration, we practice one of multiculturalism.

Every different culture is celebrated and encouraged to go on unaffected by our own. We celebrate these cultures and denigrate our own. We are an increasingly divided country without a settled social state.

To ensure immigrants feel welcome and have jobs, our institutions, educational establishments, businesses, public services, armed and police forces are required progressively to discriminate in favour of minorities.

The practice of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI), requires positive bias in favour of minorities and discrimination against the majority.

DEI is requiring us to be racist against the white majority folk in the UK.

Sunak talks about the need for equality but regulations put in place by his government are discriminatory. UK institutions are indeed racist – against white people – they are required to be so.

Part of the reason the police will not tackle the incitement to violence prevalent in the anti-Israeli marches is because they are regulated into timidity by DEI.

DEI requires employment also be biased in favour of minorities. Gone is the need to get the best doing the jobs they are best at.

Even the armed forces are recruiting based on skin colour over capability. By ditching meritocracy in favour of prejudice we are magnifying the damage to our economy and the threat to our country.

At the heart of all this is rampant immigration.

The damage could be halted overnight. All that is required is to stop issuing visas, institute a programme of integration, ditch DEI (and the Equalities Act – which is about anything but equality) and start doing that which is critical for the survival of a nation state – physically enforce our borders.

Is there any chance of these simple steps being taken by Sunak? NO.

The United Kingdom is facing an existential threat, put there by the Conservatives and the Labour before them.

My heart sinks as I type these words.

One of the greatest countries on Earth is being extinguished.

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