BBC News presenter breaks down in tears after heartbreaking message from son amid ongoing cancer battle

Nick Owen

Nick Owen became emotional after receiving support on cancer diagnosis

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 20/06/2024

- 08:34

The veteran broadcaster is best known for his show Good Morning with Anne and Nick in the 1990s

Nick Owen was overcome with emotion live on BBC Midlands Today after receiving heartfelt messages from viewers and was taken back when his son, Tim, also left a message.

Back in April 2023, Owen revealed he had been diagnosed with "extensive and aggressive" prostate cancer and has since undergone surgery for the illness.

A scan had revealed "there was something dodgy going on" he explained. "Then he sent me for a biopsy and it was the results of that [that] were the killer".

He received his diagnosis just weeks after his former TV-am co-presenter and GB News fan-favourite Anne Diamond, 68, revealed she was battling breast cancer and had undergone a mastectomy.

Owen had presented BBC Midlands Today in 1997 and recently returned to discuss his ongoing cancer treatment, and broke down when hearing the supportive words of his fans.

A message from bereavement charity Edward's Trust said: "He's become part of our family. He's always found time to support us in our work His MBE is well deserved."

Nick Owen

Nick was surprised when his son left him a message of support


Another message said: "I got tested myself after his illness and was diagnosed late last year with prostate cancer. So far, it looks like early detection has paid off."

His son Tim left a surprise message which said: "Very proud of you Dad."

Overwhelmed, Owen burst into tears before he uttered: "My Tim... oh bless you. And I do want to thank everyone who's been in touch, you know, and so supportive. And I'm so grateful that people have responded to the message in the first place about prostate cancer because that's such an important thing.

"People are talking about it far more now. Not just because of me, but various people have been in the same situation."

Nick Owen

Nick's son messaged to say he he was proud


Owen is a father to four children - alongside Tim, he has two other sons, Andy and Chris, and a daughter Jenny, all shared with his former wife Jill Lavery.

The 76-year-old has been open about his cancer diagnosis and the journey he is taking to get himself better, with the star previously telling the Deadly Silent Podcast: "I've been through the middle of it.

"And I realised that the sooner you get seen the better. We had an MRI, there was a hint there was something going on. Then I had a biopsy. And that would tell us that it was really nasty and aggressive.

"And we need to do something quickly. Telling my children was difficult. I've got four children, three are our boys, two in their forties and one in their late thirties, and it was quite emotional."

Vicki Beevers and Nick Owen

Nick's wife has been by his side through the diagnosis


He added: "Also, as far as the boys [Andy, Tim and Chris] are concerned, it's a warning because it can be a hereditary thing.

"I'm very keen for my boys to be extremely on the case. I'll work on them to go earlier than 50, to be honest, to have the PSA tests.

"And the message has to be if you have got any hint of a worry, get someone to look at it."

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