At best, our betters have shown themselves to be horrifically incompetent, at worst, they have an agenda to hide, says Bev Turner

Bev Turner gives her take on digital ID cards
Bev Turner gives her take on digital ID cards
Image: GB News
Bev Turner

By Bev Turner

Published: 22/02/2023

- 20:31

Bev Turner gives her take on digital ID cards...

Let’s talk about ID Germany they were first introduced by the Nazis in 1938. In Italy: it's the fascist government that brought them in 1931. Franco foists them on the Spaniards in the 50s. In France, too, it's the Nazi puppet-government that gets them in during the War.

Well in March 2020 when Boris Johnson thumped his fist on the desk and said, “you must stay at home” some of us became hypervigilant to what exactly was going on… We watched as controlling measures were dictated to us such as scientifically discredited masks, walking round Tesco in one direction and THEN needing a QR code indicating compliance with a government mandated drug to get into a restaurant…all over a virus statistically less lethal to the under 70s than flu. We were being primed…

And today we got there…the front page of The Times Newspaper FINALLY announcing cross-party intentions for a digital Identification system.

SO what? You shrug. Sounds quite convenient…beware the appeal of convenience in a world where nothing works; food is unavailable and cash is no longer accepted...

William Hague and Tony Blair, two blokes that position themselves poliotically as ‘sensible centrists’ have been chosen to sell this snake oil.

There is nothing centrist about ID cards. As Peter Hitchens often points out, the state should, and historically was, the one to identify itself to the citizen. ID cards, controlled fectively a centralised breathing licence, turn this relationship on its head.

“Conspiracy theorist!” people yelled at the likes of me who dared to do some research and stick up for freedoms we all were in favour of just a few years ago. Hague and Blair, on the other hand, think they can go completely unchallenged on ideas with such a terrible history.

Do we really trust these people to have even more power over us? At best, our betters are have shown themselves to be horrifically incompetent. At worst, that they’ve an agenda they wish to hide.

Scary migrants! Scary diseases! Scary globe-trotting terrorists! Scary planet-destroying humans!.....Just step into my digital ID matrix and it will all go away…as will our lives as we know it….

Well, here with us to give his two-penneth is Chris Phillips, former senior police officer with particular expertise in counter-terrorism.

So, Chris. Are we actually going to be safer, really? And is the cost to our private lives really worth it?

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