An independent Scotland would be a disaster for Scotland, and a tragedy for the UK, says Mark Dolan

An independent Scotland would be a disaster for Scotland, and a tragedy for the UK, says Mark Dolan
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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 19/06/2022

- 21:28

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 10:58

How do you solve a problem like Nicola?

How do you solve a problem like Nicola?

Perhaps, you call her bluff. Scotland's commander-in-chief, Emperor Sturgeon, has renewed her commitment this week, to tear Scotland, out of the United Kingdom.

And whether it's Alex Salmond, back in the day or Nicola Sturgeon now, deep down, I'm not sure these characters, really believe in independence.

You certainly wouldn't, if you looked at the economic consequences, and Sturgeon is not a stupid woman.

I suspect that Sturgeon, and her ilk, are a bit like the Anglican bishops, who don't really believe in God, but have to wave the cross, to keep the congregation happy.

There is no economic, political, diplomatic, military or cultural benefit, from the great nation of Scotland, leaving the UK. It’s a lose lose.

Nicola Sturgeon has renewed her calls for Scottish independence.
Nicola Sturgeon has renewed her calls for Scottish independence.
Russell Cheyne

If you thought Brexit was a bit bumpy, just get your head around how Brussels, would police the border, between England and Scotland, in the event, of an Independent Scotland, joining the EU.

And would the EU, even TAKE Scotland, given Scotland’s debt to income ratio, and the message it would send, to other breakaway states, like Catalonia in Spain.

The case for Scottish independence, raises more questions, than a Gary Barlow tax return. Firstly, what currency would Emperor Sturgeon use?

The SNP glibly assume, it will be the pound. Well the treasury, will have something to say about that. Who will defend Scotland, in the unimaginable scenario, of a foreign attack?

Particularly given that Nicola, wants to nuke the nukes. This tartan pacifist, is committed to getting rid of trident, exposing Scotland, at a time when monsters like Putin, are rampaging across eastern Europe, and when China, circles a sharpened pencil, around a map of Taiwan.

The golden promise, of Scottish independence, is EU membership. And I will give it to Nicola not literally, family show, but I will GRANT her, that a majority of Scots, voted to remain, in the EU.

However, that the SNP want sovereignty, only to hand it over to Brussels, shows how irrational, and incoherent this plan is.

No control of their currency, as they would have to take the euro, no control of their borders, with Schengen, no control of their courts, plus, huge monthly payments, for the privilege of membership – it all doesn’t add up. Talk about jumping, out of the frying pan, into the fire.

And the last time I checked, the EU, isn't great with small countries.

Exhibit A: Greece, who were skewered, like a kebab, by Angela Merkel and friends. What happens to democracy, if Scotland leave? With Labour support, at an all time low, and with the brief Tory renaissance, strangled at birth, you're looking at single party rule, under Emperor Sturgeon, for decades. Scotland is an incredible nation of people, with a rich and proud history.

I had the joy of living there for four years. Scotland has always punched above its weight economically, culturally and beyond.

There is also, the small matter, of Scotland being one of the most beautiful countries on Earth, boasting stunning landscapes and great, global cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Mark Dolan says the 'hopeless collapse' of Labour and the Conservatives has resulted in SNP domination.
Mark Dolan says the 'hopeless collapse' of Labour and the Conservatives has resulted in SNP domination.
Russell Cheyne

Scotland is as good as it gets. It's fandabbydozy.

But forgive me, for being a bit cranky about the idea, that Scotland leaves. An independent Scotland would be poorer, more divided and of course more woke.

Don't forget, on Emperor Sturgeon's watch, children as young as five, may now able to change their name or pronouns, without parental permission.

Civil servants have been ordered to write he/him or she/her on their emails. They/them are having a laugh. And so called hate crime, legislation, is now so draconian, that you could potentially get arrested, for making an off colour remark, in your own home.

Under the politically correct ideology of the SNP – the holy church of woke – the likes of national hero Billy Connolly would be strung up, for his wonderfully naughty comedy.

And Scotland, is now the epicentre, of extreme gender ideology, which denies the existence of biological sex.

In Scotland these days, God knows, what you’re packing under that kilt. Nicola Sturgeon IS an extremely bright individual, and perhaps the most talented politician of her generation.

Mark Dolan says Scotland would be 'weaker and poorer' outside the UK.
Mark Dolan says Scotland would be 'weaker and poorer' outside the UK.
Jane Barlow

On the face of it, she played the COVID-19 crisis brilliantly, stealing a march on Boris on a regular basis, casting herself as the nation’s saviour, in a time of crisis.

A steady hand at the tiller. Don’t let the facts, get in the way of a good story - Scotland's Covid case and death rate, was just as high, if not higher than down South, in spite of stricter measures.

The success of freedom day in England, in July of last year, was a source of colossal embarrassment, to both Sturgeon in Scotland and Drakeford in Wales cases fell, following a lifting of restrictions.

The more authoritarian approach taken by Sturgeon and Drakeford caused huge damage, and the data would suggest, failed.

Well an independent Scotland, will make authoritarianism, permanent. And don't be fooled, by the electoral success of the SNP.

They are sitting pretty, on the electoral map, due to the hopeless collapse of Labour and the Tories. But it doesn't mean they are loved and respected.

There's just no one else, to vote for. And a vote for the SNP, is not necessarily, a vote for independence. I mentioned that Scotland, would be more divided if she left.

And the reason why, is because the country, was split over Indy Ref one, and a Scottish departure from the UK, would cement that divide.

It's been reported, and many of you have written to me on this show, to confirm, that those who voted for Scotland to stay in the UK, keep their views quiet, for fear of reprisals - attacks on social media, trouble at work or socially, and one particular viewer, told me, that if you openly campaigned, for Scotland to stay, you might get a brick, through your window.

That's how sectarian this has become. In the end, Scottish independence, just makes no sense. The United Kingdom, is the greatest political union, in history.

Great Britain, is a beacon of diversity, it’s the firth biggest economy in the world and is a political, diplomatic, military and creative powerhouse.

I'm not saying Scotland wouldn't survive outside, of course not. She will always prevail.

But she would be weaker, and poorer, as would England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Mark Dolan asks: How do you solve a problem like Nicola?
Mark Dolan asks: How do you solve a problem like Nicola?
Image: GB News

You see, we need each other. That's always been the beauty, of the relationship - a reciprocal partnership, that has provided economic and political stability, for over 300 years. Don’t fix it, if it ain’t broke.

I'm tempted to call Nicola Sturgeon's bluff and grant her the referendum.

Let her really sell, what I’m calling, McBrexit. Given it’s such a terrible idea, I just can’t see, how a majority of Scots would vote for it.

The advantage of calling her bluff, is that it would lance the boil of independence, and kill this idea forever. And WITH that, likely Emperor Sturgeon’s political career. Because independence, is the only thing she's got to offer.

Outside of that, her only achievements, are disastrous health outcomes, failing education policies, and appalling levels of drug addiction.

Independence, is Sturgeon’s political figleaf, behind which ,you will find nothing.

In the absence of independence, it will be immediately clear, Sturgeon is the emperor, with no clothes. The naked truth, is that an independent Scotland, would be a disaster for Scotland, and a tragedy for the UK. And Nicola knows it. I do hope, this bag, pipes down.

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