Car ploughs into 19 people in Poland with two in critical condition

Car collided with two other vechiles

A car that drove into a tram stop has injured 19 people in Poland, local media reports

Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 01/03/2024

- 16:15

Updated: 01/03/2024

- 18:03

The vehicle drove into a group of people waiting at a tram stop in Szczecin

A car has driven into a crowd of people in Szczecin, Poland, leaving 19 injured and two in critical condition, according to local media.

The passenger car is thought to have driven into a group of people waiting for at a tram stop at Rodła Square, then drove away and crashed with three other vehicles.

Out of the 19 people believed to be injured, six of them are children.

The driver fled but has since been arrested, Polish news channel TVN24 reports.

Rod\u0142a Square

The incident occured in Rodła Square

Google Street View

He is a 33-year-old resident of Szczecin, according to the publication.

At 4.30pm local time, police reported that 19 people had been injured by the car, which is understood to be a Ford Focus.

Spokesperson Paweł Pankau from the Szczecin police said that the number could change as more information is discovered.

"This was not a terrorist act," he stated.


\u200bRolda Square

Rolda Square is one of the main communication routes in the city

Google Street View

Fifteen of those injured were pedestrians waiting at the tram stop. Four more were injured as a result of a collision with a speeding car.

A video on social media purports to show numerous injured people sprawled on the floor following the crash. Other footage shows emergency crews providing support to people on the road.

Pictures circulating online show three cars crashed into each other in front of a tram stop.

Multiple ambulances were also pictured at the crossing, with some being loaded onto stretchers.

"We have an incident here with currently 17 people injured, including three minors and two in critical condition. The person who caused the accident has been detained," governor Adam Rudawski told reporters at 4pm local time.

The driver is said to have been driving around the city erratically before the horror crash.

It is unclear at this time why the man drove off of the road and into the group of people.

The area is currently cordoned off by policemen.

Rolda Square is one of the main communication routes in the city, and trams, buses and cars regularly intersect.

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