‘Don’t want to import terrorism’ Nigel Farage on exactly why Egypt won’t take Gaza refugees

‘Don’t want to import terrorism’ Nigel Farage on exactly why Egypt won’t take Gaza refugees

Nigel Farage discusses whether UK should accept refugees from Gaza

Harvey Gough

By Harvey Gough

Published: 19/10/2023

- 16:18

“In terms of sheer numbers, I think we've just got to say enough's enough," said Farage

Nigel Farage has responded to calls for the UK to open its borders to refugees from Gaza, as the effort gets underway to rescue Palestinian civilians from the area.

The conversation was sparked by Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf’s comments at the SNP conference yesterday, that Scotland would willingly accept asylum seekers from the region, saying “Scotland is ready to play her part.”

Yousaf’s own parents-in-law were visiting Gaza when Hamas initiated its attack on Israel, leaving them trapped in the Palestinian city.

During a conversation on Britain’s Newsroom on GB News, Emily Carver asked Nigel Farage “What do you make of Humza Yousaf's comments that Scotland is open to refugees from Gaza?”

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage discusses the UK's responsibility when it comes to refugees from Gaza

Nigel responded: “Well, it might be for him, but I don't suppose for one moment is the majority of Scottish people!”

Speaking on whether the UK as a whole should make a similar commitment, Nigel said: “In terms of sheer numbers, I think we've just got to say enough's enough.”

“The first duty of the British government is to put the safety and security of the country and its own people first. And if you allow millions of people in who come from cultures that are very different from ours, with whom we have very little in common, it's no surprise we've got these massive problems of integration.

According to Nigel, the UK has always been a “very generous country” when it comes to taking in asylum seekers.


Humza YousafYousaf also used his speech to take aim at Suella Braverman, accusing her of 'dog-whistle language'PA

“We've taken in over half a million. They've come from Syria, they've come from Afghanistan, they've come from Hong Kong, they've come from Ukraine, and we keep being told, well these are exceptional circumstances. Well, here's yet another exceptional circumstance.”

“Isn't it interesting that Egypt won't take any refugees in Gaza? Do you know why? Because they don't want to import terrorism into Egypt, just as Saudi Arabia didn't take a single person after the Syrian conflict.”

“So if their neighbours are not there to take any, I frankly don't see why we should do so… if the rest of the Arab states aren't prepared to help, why on earth would we?!”

Emily made her own opinion clear, saying: “Surely when it comes to immigration policy, it should be about what the British people want and need, and national security should be top of the government's agenda.

GazaSmoke rises following Israeli strikes in GazaReuters

“For someone like Humza Yousaf, it appears that he is more concerned about supposed international humanitarian duties, but not really necessarily about what the Scottish people want.”

Finally, Emily pointed Nigel’s attention to a conversation elsewhere in the show, in which human rights lawyer Ivan Sampson pointed out that the UK has a refugee population of just 0.6%, compared to countries like Lebanon, which currently sits at 22%.

“Well, we're not Lebanon,” said Nigel. “We are the United Kingdom. There is no country in the world who has actually got a finer record. We're genuinely helping those in need. We've done more than our fair share over the course of the last few years.”

“If you listen to the UNHCR, there are up to 80 million people around the world displaced. How many millions does Ivan think should come? I'd love to know the answer.”

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