Lauren Chen hits out at gender pronoun lesson for children: 'Crossed the line!'

Lauren Chen hits out at gender pronoun lesson for children: 'Crossed the line!'
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Published: 20/05/2024

- 15:24

Dewitt Public Schools cancelled their plans for a 'mini lesson' on gender identity and pronouns after backlash from community members

US Commentator Lauren Chen has hit out at a Michigan school after their plans for a lesson on "gender identity and pronouns" were faced with widespread backlash.

Dewitt Public Schools cancelled their plans after proposing a "mini voluntary lesson" to promote "greater understanding, compassion, and kindness regarding gender identity and the use of pronouns".

Dewitt Public Schools Superintendent Shanna Spickard has said the plans were "not designed to challenge, persuade, or alter family beliefs" but have been shut down following an influx of "inappropriate, angry, and threatening phone calls, emails, and social media messages".

Speaking to GBN America, Chen said the plans would be "enough of a red flag" if she was a parent at the school to "remove the child entirely".

Chen hit out at the school for "crossing the line into activism" rather than straight teaching of subjects such as Maths and English.

Reacting to the proposed lesson, meant for six to seven-year-olds, Chen fumed: "For the school's part, they've said it's not a problem because we've informed parents ahead of time and they are able to remove their children from the classroom if they so choose.

"But if I'm a parent whose child is attending that school, this is enough of a red flag for me to remove my child from the school entirely."

Discussing the ethos of the school, Chen suggested: "Odds are, if this is the type of material that the administration is interested in, that teachers are interested in, they are also likely talking about things like racial privilege, how bad capitalism is, same-sex attraction, all of these different things that really, I think, crossed the line into activism, moral guidance rather than just straight teaching."


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