Plus-sized community felt ‘betrayed’ by Adele and Rebel Wilson’s weight loss: ‘Accept who you are!’

Plus-sized community felt ‘betrayed’ by Adele and Rebel Wilson’s weight loss: ‘Accept who you are!’

Adele and Rebel "betrayed" the plus size community

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 05/04/2024

- 12:23

An estimated seven in ten Americans are overweight or obese

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Founder and CEO of Wonder Woman Writer Jennifer Palumbo believes plus-sized women feel "betrayed" by Adele and Rebel Wilson after the pair shed off the kilos to embrace a slender tone.

It comes after it was revealed that an average of seven out of ten people in the United States are overweight, but Palumbo argued "everyone is beautiful."

Speaking to GBN America she explained: "I think that women tend to be so judged by their bodies that when women like Rebel and Adele were overweight, some women felt like they had a beautiful representative and then felt betrayed when they lost weight.

"This is unfair. The ultimate goal for everyone should always be health. Health comes first, but my point is that you need to accept who you are, how you are and be okay with that.

Patrick Christys and Jennifer Palumbo

Jennifer Palumbo said that everyone is beautiful

GBN America

"If you don't mind me sharing a brief personal note, last year I was about 60lb heavier than I am now and I posed in lingerie at that weight.

"It was really empowering actually because even though I wasn't your typical model the pictures looked beautiful, and I was proud to show off a larger woman feeling attractive, sexy and good in my own skin.


"That did not replace the fact that I did still need to lose weight which is what I did."

GBN America host Patrick Christys asked her if she felt "more confident" having lost the weight. Palumbo admitted she feels "much healthier".

She explained: "Health wise, I had to lose weight and it was hard for me because I have a low metabolism. I have to say that I can get into clothes I couldn't get into before but I think that distinction is that I feel better.

"But when I look at those photos compared to now, I still feel attractive in them. It's just about how you do feel walking up the stairs and so on."

Overweight woman struggling to button jeans

Seven in ten Americans are overweight or obese


She added: "The Office of Women's Health says a healthy body image is basically feeling comfortable about how you look.

"It's also about just feeling positive about your body shape. This is something that speaks to me very deeply because I am a very curvy woman.

"If you think negativity about how you look or your body, or that you're maybe carrying a little extra weight, it can cause depression, low self-esteem. It has even been known to have a connection to drug use. Just accept where you are at this moment and love yourself regardless, not by whatever the scale says.

"I think that's a very positive thing to do. It doesn't mean it replaces a healthy weight that you need to be. It's just sort of accepting where you are at this time."

According to figures released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, four in ten American adults now have a body mass index at 30 or higher, classifying them as obese. This has climbed since the turn of the century, when it was approximately three in ten.

Obesity is proven to increase a person’s chances of heart disease, strokes, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer.

Body positivity is a social movement that promotes a positive view of all bodies, regardless of size, shape, skin tone, gender, and physical abilities.

It often means that women who are overweight are featured in advertisements.

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