Hunter Biden's 'laptop from hell' analysed by top US editor 'Looking into the life of a broken man'

Hunter Biden's 'laptop from hell' analysed by top US editor 'Looking into the life of a broken man'

Emma-Jo Morris analysed Hunter Biden's laptop

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 14/12/2023

- 11:18

Updated: 15/12/2023

- 00:21

Emma-Jo Morris says the laptop belonging to Hunter Biden holds a 'trove of evidence'

Political Editor of Breitbart News, Emma-Jo Morris, has criticised the son of US President Joe Biden as he faces charges of contempt.

Hunter Biden and his family are accused of improperly profiting from decisions that the President participated, in while serving as Vice President from 2009-17.

In 2020, data from a laptop that belonged to Hunter was exposed, after the device was abandoned at a Delaware computer shop in 2019.

Three weeks before the 2020 Presidential election, where Joe Biden was a candidate, The New York Post published a story showing emails from the laptop.

The Biden team argued at the time it was a "smear campaign" engineered by Russian disinformation, but the hard drive has since been authenticated by US media and seized by the FBI.

Analysis of its contents has provided proof of Hunter's extensive earnings from his work in China and Ukraine and evidence of his alcohol- and drug-fuelled escapades.

Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden has been open about his struggles with drug addiction


Emma-Jo Morris, who broke the story at the time, told GB News that it is "still relevant three years after I broke it", as Hunter now faces court.

Morris added that the laptop "holds a trove of evidence" into the Biden family's business in those crucial years leading up to the President's leadership.

Morris told GB News host Patrick Christys: "It also provides a glimpse into the way the family business was working. The family side of the business. There's text messages between him and his daughter talking about how he has to 'give Pop half his salary'.

"There's receipts for his payments of Joe Biden's home repairs and phone bills and access to bank accounts, etcetera. So it provides a great glimpse into the machinations of Hunter Biden and the Biden family enterprise."

Patrick then highlighted that the laptop was once dubbed the "laptop from hell", and Morris explained where the name came from.

She explained: "I was sitting in Rudy Giuliani's apartment when I went to go pick up the full hard drive when I was starting to report on it. And Steve Bannon walks into the apartment and he goes 'welcome to the 7th level of hell'.

"And that was kind of where I thought that came from. Very theatrical. He's a dramatic guy.

"But Trump started calling it that as well. I think he kind of worded it out during a debate or something. He was like that laptop is the laptop from hell."

Emma-Jo Morris

Emma-Jo Morris exposed Hunter Biden's laptop scandal in 2020

GB News

Morris then revealed the "sad" side of Biden's laptop, as she had to examine the hard drive of the device to write her monumental story on the scandal.

Morris admitted: "Aside from all the corruption that it has in it, there's just all this depravity. It's actually sad to think about.

"It's when you look at that thing, it's his obviously most personal, it's his iCloud, it's all of his most personal images, like photos and notes and diary entries and emails and texts.

"And you're really looking into the life of a broken man, and a sick man, and there's a lot there that's really dark. And that's why I think it kind of gets that moniker."

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