Brexit VICTORY as Nigel Farage celebrates the UK becoming a ‘world player’ with new security pact

Nigel Farage has praised the Aukus deal

GB News
Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 14/03/2023

- 19:40

The ex-Brexit Party leader claims the deal would not have been possible had Britain remained a member of the European Union

Nigel Farage says the UK is reaping the benefits of Brexit by launching Aukus, a trilateral security pact between Australia, the UK and the US.

The ex-Brexit Party leader claims the deal would not have been possible had Britain remained a member of the European Union.

The agreement will see new boats in operation in the late 2030s following a construction phase which will create thousands of jobs in the UK.

Commenting on the deal, Nigel Farage said on GB News: “We turned our backs horrendously on Australia, New Zealand and many of our friends in this pursuit of a new, European political empire.

Nigel Farage discusses the new Aukus agreement

Nigel Farage has praised the new Aukus agreement, saying it shows the benefits of Brexit

GB News

“But with Brexit, I think all of that has changed. I may have railed on this programme about the British Government not taking the full benefits of Brexit, but on the world stage, we’re standing taller than we were.

“Australia, who became very much more dependent on China for trade as a result of us leaving them behind and going into what became the EU.

“Australia became the first country to recognise the potential threat China posed.

“That threat isn’t just economic, the threat is clearly military as well.”

Farage says the deal be hugely beneficial for the UK, and demonstrates the country’s status as a world power.

“To protect Australia, they’ve been used French-powered diesel submarines which has suited French contractors beautifully”, he added.

“The problem is, they are as good as useless in the modern world, as they have to resurface every 48 hours for oxygen.

“Whereas a nuclear-powered submarine can stay submerged for up to four months at a time without detection by China without any detection.

“So what does the Aukus deal mean? We’re going to provide Australia with new, nuclear-powered submarines.

“Rolls Royce will build the small nuclear reactors which go into them.

“It’s an attempt to rebalance power in the Far East, and we’re now playing a leading role in that.

“As members of the European Union, it would never have happened.

Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak in San Diego for the Aukus launch

Rishi Sunak visited San Diego to launch Aukus

GB News

“The United Kingdom is now beginning to become a world player once again.”

The Aukus partnership was announced in 2021 as Australia sought to respond to China’s assertive actions in the Pacific.

The latest stage comes as the UK publishes its updated integrated review of foreign and security policy, which highlights China’s “more aggressive stance”.

The deal caused a diplomatic rift with France, which had expected to supply diesel-powered submarines to the Canberra government.

The £5 billion extra for defence announced by Mr Sunak will partly help develop the next phase of the Aukus programme.

This will be followed by sustained funding over the next decade and will build on the £2 billion invested last year in our Dreadnought-class submarine programme.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: “This is a significant step forward for our three nations as we work together to contribute to security in the Indo-Pacific and across the world.

“Supporting thousands of jobs across the UK, with many in the north-west of England, this endeavour will boost prosperity across our country and showcase the prowess of British industry to our allies and partners.”

The Aukus programme will result in closer collaboration between the three nations.

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