Tank drives over man's car in Ukraine... And he lives to tell the tale – WATCH

25 Man crushed by tank with Blur
Aden-Jay Wood

By Aden-Jay Wood

Published: 25/02/2022

- 16:13

Updated: 25/02/2022

- 18:36


Footage has emerged of a tank driving over a car in Ukraine, while the driver was still at the wheel.

The Kremlin began its "large-scale invasion" of Ukraine on Thursday morning, with missile blasts being let off across large parts of the country.

Russian troops are slowly edging closer to Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, with their Ukrainian counterparts stationed across the city ready to fight back.

And it seems Russia is willing to attack anything and anyone they see as standing in their way –including civilians driving their cars.

The video footage shot in Obolon, an area just north of Kyiv's city centre, shows a tank driving on one side of the road, with a small car on the opposite side.

The tank then unexplainably veers towards the car before driving over it, with its driver still in his seat.

Miraculously, despite the sheer force of the tank, the driver survived the incident and was helped out of the crushed car by a group of locals who came to his aid.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin said on Friday that it had offered to hold talks with Ukraine in the Belarusian capital Minsk, but instead Ukraine had proposed Warsaw as a venue.

Russian spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said Ukrainians had then halted talks, with a "pause" in contacts between the two nations now taking place.

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