Sharron Davies shuts down Tom Daley over trans comments: ‘He’s male. This doesn’t affect him in the slightest'

Sharron Davies shuts down Tom Daley over trans comments: ‘He’s male. This doesn’t affect him in the slightest'
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Aden-Jay Wood

By Aden-Jay Wood

Published: 28/06/2022

- 07:59

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 10:55

Daley hit out at the decision to ban trans athletes from women's swimming events, saying it was 'not on'

Sharron Davies has shut down Tom Daley after he spoke out on the decision to ban transgender athletes from swimming in female events.

Earlier this month, swimming’s world governing body FINA voted to ban athletes who have gone through male puberty from racing in women’s events.

In addition, FINA said they will set up a working group with a view to establishing an open competition category, open to athletes “without regard to their sex, their legal gender, or their gender identity”.

Many people have since come out in their support for the decision, but Daley slammed it, saying it was “not on”.

Speaking about his comments on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight, Ms Davies said: “Everyone is entitled to their comments, Tom made these comments at Britain’s LGBT awards so it was kind of obvious what he was going to say.

“He has a very strong activist husband who also has very strong opinions on this point of view.

“What I would say is Tom is male and this doesn’t affect him in the slightest, it doesn’t affect males in the slightest.

“Transgender men, biological females who actually happen to carry on competing in the women’s category because they wouldn’t stand a chance to compete in the men’s category.

“They don’t cause any risk to men’s sport whatsoever, so I think we have to listen to the women and FINA were the first governing body since 2015 to actually poll their female athletes and actually to listen to their coaches.

“So well done and I’m hoping that other sports will follow.”

When asked about FINA's decision, Daley said: "I was furious.

"Anyone that's told that they can't compete or can't do something they love just because of who they are, it's not on.

"It's something I feel really strongly about. Giving trans people the chance to share their side,” he told iNews.

Dan Wootton and Sharron Davies
Dan Wootton and Sharron Davies
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Tom Daley
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