Iconic 400-year-old fairytale bridge 'needs handrails' amid 'health and safety' concerns

Iconic 400-year-old fairytale bridge 'needs handrails' amid 'health and safety' concerns

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George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 28/12/2023

- 18:43

Iconic bridge 'too dangerous' for tourists

Tourists are calling for handrails to be installed on a 400-year-old fairytale bridge in North Wales.

The historic beauty spot in the village of Mallwyd, near Snowdonia was used as a 17th century packhorse crossing before being awarded grade II-listing.

The rolling stone arches, which have been described as being 'like something from Harry Potter', are covered in grass with the River Dyfi running underneath it.

Now, some have come forward to suggest handrails should be installed on the bridge.

\u200bThe archway in Wales

The iconic bridge in Wales


One tourist said: "They should put up some metal barriers, someone could get hurt."

Another added: "gorgeous, but too unsafe," while a third joked "don’t go drinking if you live there".

The bridge, named Pont Minllyn, is under the care of Welsh heritage body Cadw.

It is off limits to the public but can be viewed from the adjacent footbridge.


The bridge dates back to around 400 years ago


Nearby residents have responded to the calls, with some saying it will spoil the peaceful spot.

One said: "Without safety rails people tend to pay more attention and look after themselves better.

"With rails, they tend to blame someone else for falling off the bridge."

Another said: "I was quite moved. It's still a sight to behold, especially considering its construction by the primitive tools of the time."

The bridge

The bridge is one of three funded by Dr John Davies,


The bridge was one of three funded by scholar Dr John Davies, who published a Welsh grammar guide.

He served as rector of Mallwyd from 1603 until his death in 1644 - and worked on early Welsh translations of the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer.

Pont Minllyn is the only survivor of three bridges built by Dr Davies in Snowdonia - known as Eryri. The other two bridges were called Pont-Y-Cleifion and Pont-Y-Ffinant.

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