‘We must unite communities’: British Indian Reform candidate slams ‘Hindu Manifesto’

​Tarun Ghulati with Farage and Tice

Tarun Ghulati, a Reform UK candidate, has slammed 'Hindu Manifesto'

Reform UK
Charlie Peters

By Charlie Peters

Published: 22/06/2024

- 18:34

Tarun Ghulati criticises ‘sectarian’ campaigns after Tory support for controversial pledges revealed

Candidates from all parties should reject “sectional interests” during the election campaign, a British-Indian hopeful MP has said.

Tarun Ghulati, the Reform UK candidate for the Cities and Westminster seat, has spoken out after GB News revealed that several Tory candidates had supported the so-called ‘Hindu Manifesto’.

The manifesto, compiled by several British Hindu organisations, includes controversial policies on immigration, free speech, and funding for faith schools.

Proposed immigration policies included making it easier for elderly Hindus to move to Britain and demand to loosen restrictions and time limits on the religious worker visa for priests.

\u200bTarun Ghulati with Farage and TiceTarun Ghulati, a Reform UK candidate, has slammed 'Hindu Manifesto'Reform UK

He is the most senior Hindu figure to react to the ‘Hindu Manifesto’ campaign, which was criticised by both the National Secular Society and several Tory campaigners.

Ghulati, who worked worldwide for HSBC in its international manager cadre, grew up in India but has lived in Britain for over 22 years.

He told GB News: “Many of the Indians who have moved to Britain have voted Conservative and Labour, and there are a lot of candidates trying to cling on to those votes.”

Ghulati added: “Candidates from all parties should reject sectional interests and groups campaigning on religious lines. It should be all about the people and the communities. We need to bring communities together.

“We have got to be representatives for everybody, and that’s what Reform UK and Nigel Farage are promoting.


“I’m a proud British Indian and Hindu, but I believe we need to promote politics that works for everyone in London and Britain.”

The Hindu Manifesto called for a new specific law for challenging “anti-Hindu hate (Hinduphobia)” as it reported concerns about hate crimes.

Addressing concerns about community cohesion, he said: “Too many communities have become insular, and safety and security is at its lowest ebb. We need more police on the street to help make people feel safe and draw communities together.”

He called on candidates and political parties to reject campaigning on religious grounds: “Everyone needs to see a bigger picture and focus on national ambitions.

“We need to put a stop to illegal immigration and sectarian immigration campaigns.”

Ghulati’s intervention comes amid rising concerns about sectarian campaigning during the general election.

The Muslim Vote organisation has campaigned on an explicitly ‘pro-Gaza’ position.

\u200bTarun Ghulati

'I’m a proud British Indian and Hindu, but I believe we need to promote politics that works for everyone in London and Britain,' Ghulati said

Tarun Ghulati

Earlier this week a Conservative candidate was criticised after addressing his “British-Pakistani and Kashmiri” constituents about the contested political situation in Kashmir, northern India, where he highlight his opponent’s commonly Hindu surname.

A Conservative Party spokesman said: “Our Hindu community exemplifies the best of British values – like family, responsibility, enterprise and generosity. We have some of the strongest legislation in the world which aims to protect Hindus from both racially and religiously motivated crime.

“In government, the Conservatives have worked with police and community partners to monitor and combat hatred towards Hindus – and in 2023/24, we provided £3.5 million for protecting places of worship, including for Hindu temples.

“We remain committed to defending Freedom of Religion or belief for all, and promoting respect and tolerance.”

The Hindu Manifesto campaign did not respond to requests for comment.

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