Nigel Farage blasts BBC 'Saint' Gary Lineker for woke hypocrisy - 'HE took MILLIONS from Qatar!'

Nigel Farage blasts BBC 'Saint' Gary Lineker for woke hypocrisy - 'HE took MILLIONS from Qatar!'
Farage Lineker
Carl Bennett

By Carl Bennett

Published: 30/11/2022

- 11:31

Updated: 10/10/2023

- 15:35

The former football has been vocal about FIFA's controversial decision to host the World Cup in Qatar

Nigel Farage has attacked Gary Lineker for ‘woke hypocrisy’ after it emerges the BBC host was paid millions to work for a Qatari-sponsored channel.

Speaking on his GB News show, Mr Farage described the BBC’s highest-paid presenter as “Saint Gary - he’s a patron for all good and just causes.”

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage
GB News

Discussing the Match Of The Day host, Nigel Farage said: “He has been oh so critical of the fact that the World Cup has been held in Qatar, and the fact that Qatar don’t have the same level of human rights that we do. Well of course they don’t, Gary. They are of course a Muslim country. No one dares to say that. It just happens to be true. They have a completely different set of values.

“Gary Lineker, despite these criticisms, for four years worked for Qatari-sponsored Al Jazeera television. He worked for one of those channels. And he earnt £1.6million from them.

“If that isn’t woke hypocrisy, then I don’t know what is.”

Responding to the reports, Mr Lineker tweeted: “I covered the Champions League for Al Jazeera a decade ago.”

He also shared a tweet dated 17 September 2013, where he said: “Will miss doing @AJSENGLISH's CL coverage. The move to Doha made it impossible, but was lovely to be asked. Good luck all and thanks.”

BBC pundit Gary Lineker
BBC pundit Gary Lineker
Ian Walton

Gary Lineker opened the BBC’s coverage of the World Cup last week by highlighting some of the issues that have been faced so far.

“It’s the most controversial World Cup in history and a ball hasn’t been kicked. Ever since FIFA chose Qatar back in 2010, the smallest nation to have hosted football’s greatest competition has faced some big questions.

“From accusations of corruption in the bidding process to the treatment of migrant workers who built the stadiums, where many lost their lives.

“Homosexuality is illegal here, women’s rights and freedom of expression are in the spotlight, also the decision six years ago to switch the World Cup from summer to winter.

“Against that backdrop is a tournament to be played, one that will be watched and enjoyed around the world.

“Stick to football say FIFA, well we will for a couple of minutes at least.”

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