‘Tories DEGRADED our armed services!’ Nigel Farage demands ministers to ‘STOP reducing our forces’

‘Tories DEGRADED our armed services!’ Nigel Farage demands ministers to ‘STOP reducing our forces’

Nigel Farage demanded ministers to 'stop reducing armed forces'

Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 24/01/2024

- 12:26

Nigel Farage commented on the likelihood of Britain gearing up to fight in a war against Russia

Nigel Farage has slammed the Conservative Government for "reducing the armed forces" and called for negotiations to prevent "death on a massive scale."

It comes as UK citizens have been warned that they could be called up to fight if the war breaks out in Russia.

General Sir Patrick Sanders, Chief of the General Staff, is set to stress the need for ministers to "mobilise the nation" in the event of a wider conflict against Russia amid its invasion of Ukraine.

Sanders added that the military is "too small" to handle the conflict on its own.

Nigel Farage

Farge called on the government to "stop reducing the forces"


Farage spoke on GB News today and said: "I think what he's doing is playing quite a clever game. I think what he's saying is, that you are cutting our services down to a level at which we cannot meet basic commitments, let alone go to war.

"So let's frighten the population, let's get a negative reaction and maybe then the government might start to rebuild our forces.

"14 years of Conservative rule, the extent to which they degraded all three of the Armed Services.

Host Andrew Pierce chimed in: "You used to think about the Conservatives who are always seen as tough on immigration, tough on defence, and they've lost their way on both.

Army soldierPeople could have to go fight for the country PA

"Options for change 30 years ago under John Major saw the biggest peacetime cut since 1961 in terms of the size of the army in particular, and the amalgamation of many historic regiments.

"We've had the same process again under a Conservative government this time round. Whether Keir Starmer's defence policy would be more robust remains to be seen."

Host Bev Turner then asked the former Reform UK politician: "We spoke earlier to Rear Admiral Chris Parry, who was saying that he thinks that China, North Korea, and Russia are already on a war footing because they smell blood in a weakened West. I wasn't entirely convinced by his argument for that. Are you?"

Farage responded: "Absolutely. I think Chris is right. I mean, look, I think the signal was the withdrawal of the last 3000 American troops from Afghanistan.

Andrew Pierce, Bev Turner and Nigel Farage

Farage spoke to Andrew Pierce and Bev Turner on GBNews


"No American soldier had been killed the previous 18 months. They were training and helping the Afghan army fight the Taliban.

"Biden, without any reference to us or the Nato allies, withdrew those troops.

"We saw the fall of Kabul Taliban back in charge and before you know it booted has decided to invade Ukraine.

"Weak Western leadership has contributed a huge amount to where we are in the world today."

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