Neighbours' nightmare 11ft hedge leaves couple 'stressed' their house value has plummeted

A tall hedge

The hedge came under fire from the neighbours

George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 08/12/2023

- 13:32

They said it has caused them "considerable stress"

A couple have lost their appeal to have their neighbours' 11ft hedge cut down.

Charles and Josephine Baillie said Stuart Jenkins and Elina Zvejniece's bush was causing them "considerable stress".

The couple, who live in Bannockburn, Stirling, said the hedge was so poorly kept, it impacted the value of their home.

They added that the hedge blocked light from flooding into their garden.

Stirling Council offices

Stirling Council upheld its decision

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The couple went to Stirling Council to request them to cut the hedge down to 6.5ft.

However, the council ruled it was not impacting their property, was regularly maintained and offered their neighbours' privacy.

The couple were left livid and they appealed to the Scottish Government.

The Scottish Government upheld the ruling.


A hedge

The hedge was causing the couple stress (file pic)


Charles Baillie, who has lived at the property for 44 years, said: "The sale value of our property will be considerably reduced should we decide to sell the property in the future.

"Both my wife and I are over 70 and have continued health issues.

This decision by Stirling Council has caused both my wife and I considerable stress and will cause physical hardship attempting to maintain our side of this hedge even at its present height."

In a letter Stuart Jenkins said: "I can confirm that we will carry out annual maintenance on the hedge to keep it within the current range."

The letter added: "It was never our intention to be difficult about the hedge height, we just really value the privacy the hedge gave us in our back garden.

A spokesperson from Stirling Council said: "The current hedge height is not considered to have a negative impact on the light levels to garden and house nor the occupant's enjoyment of their property."

Anyone considering applying for a high hedge notice must have tried to settle the issue with their neighbour before making an application.

In Scotland a high hedge is considered to be more than two metres tall from ground level.

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