Midterms 2022: Joe Biden is a busted flush - the Democrats are sleepwalking to disaster, says Keith Bays

US President Joe Biden is set to become a lame duck president within days
US President Joe Biden is set to become a lame duck president within days
Jeff J Mitchell
Richard Jeffries

By Richard Jeffries

Published: 07/11/2022

- 13:58

Updated: 07/11/2022

- 13:58

The worst US president in recent memory is about to get hammered at the polls

JOE Biden has been an abysmal American president. And later this week he'll get what he deserves when the Democrats lose the House of Representatives and the Senate with Biden becoming a lame duck in the process.

It’s a major headache for the Democrats but they went all in two years ago with Biden in a bid to defeat former President Donald J Trump, and they will now pay the price for that decision at the ballot box.

The popularity of a sitting president greatly impacts how their party performs when voters go to the polls. And the bad news for Democrats is that Biden is currently polling worse than any post World War II.

Since Biden was sworn into office in January 2021, he has made atrocious decisions on the economy, boarder control and energy policy.

Those have led to many Americans becoming poorer, subject to higher levels of crime and no longer being energy independent.

During Biden’s presidency real-term earnings have fallen more than three per cent, petrol (gas) prices have increased from an average of $2.39 when Sleepy Joe entered office to $3.76 currently both of which are putting a real squeeze on the average family, and that’s before we factor in inflationary pressures that Biden must arguably take some responsibility for.

And then, there’s an open borders policy that his administration currently presides over with delusional glee which much like the UK, is causing huge pressures on poor areas simply not equipped to cope with an invasion on the Southern border. In this year alone migrant border crossings surpassed 2.76 million in the US and it is now the cartels that are profiting because of inaction from the Biden administration.

This is leading to an increase in drugs being smuggled across the border which find their way into communities across the nation which destroy the lives of so many young people. And then of course there’s the elephant in the room - the clear decline in Biden’s cognitive health, a real worry for the global community given that this man oversees the most powerful military on earth and that big red button on his desk.

He is regularly making simple errors when speaking, struggling to find his way off the stage without assistance and has fallen up the stairs while attempting to board Air Force One. As a result, Americans are now experiencing a bad case of voter’s remorse and are ready to deliver their verdict, which will very likely lead to a curtailment of Biden’s legislative agenda and a long list of new investigations, this time into Democrats including the President’s son Hunter Biden.

One huge question looms over American politics: Will Donald Trump make a comeback in 2024 if the Republicans do well this week? We won't have to wait long to find out.

* Keith Bays is an Assistant Producer at GB News

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