Matt Hancock set to make £1,000,000-a-year as a 'celebrity' love rat

Matt Hancock set to make £1,000,000-a-year as a 'celebrity' love rat
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Richard Jeffries

By Richard Jeffries

Published: 05/11/2022

- 11:25

Updated: 05/11/2022

- 12:29

Cheating MP targeting megabucks career after ITV jungle show

MATT Hancock has been tipped to rake in a seven-figure salary once he leaves the Jungle - if he decides to walk away from Westminster.

Showbiz guru Jonathan Shalit, the CEO of the Intertalent Rights Group, revealed on GB News that Hancock - who has signed up for I’m A Celebrity, where he is reportedly earning £400,000 - is set to make a fortune by quitting politics.

He told Mark Dolan: “I suspect the reasons are quite simple. He needs to make a tonne of money. Now he's divorced from a lady, he's got children. He doesn't get much money as a backbench MP, yet, his outgoings will be significant, if not more, so he needs a lot of money.

“Also, his career's going nowhere in the Conservative Party. Rishi Sunak quite clearly isn't going to give him a big job. So his career as an MP is coming to an end. I'm A Celebrity provides an opportunity to go on a new journey.”

Hancock is reportedly being paid a fee of £400,000 to take part in the ITV reality show, although Mr Shalit believes it could be less: “So my personal guess based on a lot of experience is he is probably getting around 250k. I don't know, but that's my guess. The papers never give the correct fees for anybody, the papers always get it wrong as to what people earn.”

Shalit also estimated that Hancock could face an earning potential of £1m a year, if his stint in the jungle goes well.

He said: “I would say on average, a million pounds a year. I mean, if he does well in I'm A Celebrity, you could get a million to a million and a half the next year, but equally that could drop down to £750,000.

“But someone like Matt can probably make about a million pounds a year, quite often on weekends. For example, he could probably do three or four appearances for £10-15,000 each minimum, if not up to £60-70,000.

“Plus a few endorsements, plus television shows, plus writing. He’s going to have a lucrative career if he goes down the celebrity route, but it will be at the expense of having to resign his seat.”

Mr Shalit also added that he thinks this could mark the end of being a politician for Mr Hancock. He added: “I think the thing about Matt Hancock is, and I've met him a few times, he's a really nice guy. And I think everyone who gets to meet him likes him.

“And the way Michael Portillo has been mentioned is interesting as when he actually started becoming a celebrity at the end of his politician journey, he was the most reviled man in Britain, and people relish the fact he lost his seat. And he turned that on its head and has now become a very popular and amiable guy. I suspect Matt Hancock will do that.

“I suspect he'll be liked a lot in the jungle, and I suspect he'll go on to have a big media career. What I am surprised about and I say this to you, Mark, if you didn't turn up to work tonight, and next week, you probably get fired.

“Yet, Matt Hancock's an MP and he can go AWOL from his constituents for four weeks, not do his job and keep his job. What I find extraordinary is that you can become an MP and not have to sign an agreement to serve your constituents.”


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