Just Stop Oil plotting to paralyse London after Proms 'triumph'

Just Stop Oil disrupting opening night of the Proms​

Just Stop Oil disrupting opening night of the Proms

Twitter/Just Stop Oil
Sam Montgomery

By Sam Montgomery

Published: 15/07/2023

- 09:15

Updated: 15/07/2023

- 09:40

First Night of the Proms became the latest spectacle to be targeted by the environmental campaign group last night

Eco-zealots at Just Stop Oil are concocting plans to wreak havoc on London next week, as they take confidence from interrupting the Proms last night.

Emboldened by the perceived success of disrupting First Night of the Proms at Royal Albert Hall, Just Stop Oil are internally branding the impending ramp up as ‘Everyone Week'.

Two protesters took to the stage of London’s Royal Albert Hall shortly before the interval of the BBC’s First Night at the Proms.

The pair were met by groans, boos and jeers by the crowd, before being swiftly ejected from the venue.

The two protesters were removed from the stage immediately

The two protesters were removed from the stage immediately

Twitter/Just Stop Oil

Just Stop Oil took to Twitter to explain its choice of event to interrupt, dubbing the protest as “We Cannot Afford to Fiddle While Rome Burns.”

The campaign group said: “The pair set off confetti cannons and sounded air horns, demanding the UK Government immediately halt all new oil and gas consents and licences.

“They attempted to address the audience before being forcibly removed.

“Tonight’s action comes in response to the BBC’s underwhelming coverage of the climate emergency.

A Just Stop Oil activist interrupts George Osborne's wedding

A Just Stop Oil activist interrupts George Osborne's wedding


“In recent weeks, the BBC has been accused of ‘false balance’ as well as uncritically regurgitating government and oil company propaganda.”

In response to the incident, Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer also wrote on social media: "My message is this: Leave people to enjoy the events they love, and stop damaging your own cause."

In recent weeks, Just Stop Oil have disrupted events such as the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, Ashes cricket, and Chelsea Flower Show, as well as continuing to slow march across the capital.

One of those disrupting the BBC Proms, Kate Logan, a 38-year-old mum of two from London, said: “Many years ago, I sang with a youth choir at the Albert Hall, never imagining I would one day disrupt a performance here to draw attention to the planetary crisis we find ourselves in.

Picking up the pieces at Wimbledon after Just Stop Oil stormed the court


“But that’s what this has come to — our leaders and the press have failed us for decades and now it’s up to ordinary people to demand the changes we need.”

Also taking action this evening, Pia Bastide, a 29-year-old community worker from London, said:

“I’m sorry to harp on about it, but business as usual isn’t working anymore. We can no longer ignore this crisis when extreme temperatures are scorching Europe right now.

“Last week, the Secretary General of the United Nations said that the climate crisis is 'out of control’.

A stock image of Just Stop OilJust Stop Oil are said to be planning to turn the screw on the capital with more slow marches next weekPA

“I refuse to accept that my future is being sold away, one new oil licence at a time, and do nothing.”

Six thousand people were in attendance at the Proms opening night, which featured a new piece by Ukrainian composer Bohdana Frolyak, called Let The Light In.

The evening also presented a new translation of Jean Sibelius's Snöfrid, narrated by The Crown actress Lesley Manville.

Just Stop Oil protesters also interrupted a recording of The Last Leg tv show last night, running from the audience onto the set to embrace host Adam Hills and throw confetti.

\u200bJust Stop Oil running around The Last Leg set

Just Stop Oil running around The Last Leg set

Twitter/Just Stop Oil

A shocked Josh Widdicombe told the audience that he had “absolutely s*** myself” when the protesters ran on stage.

The comedian then riffed: “Do you know what, I thought there was three people that weren’t laughing.”

The Express claim to have infiltrated the group and heard plans that Just Stop Oil are turning the temperature up a notch next week.

A Home Office source told the paper: “These selfish, irresponsible eco-zealots should think about the hard-working Brits whose daily lives they wreck as they try to get to jobs, medical appointments or funerals.

England's Jonny Bairstow carries a just stop oil protester off the fieldEngland's Jonny Bairstow carries a just stop oil protester off the field as they targeted the AshesPA

“Make no mistake, their plans will be met with swift action by the police using the new powers granted to them by this government.”

Former Home Secretary Priti Patel, added to the chorus of voices against Just Stop Oil and demanded stringent police intervention.

She raged: “The public is fed up with the disgraceful, disruptive and criminal acts of these pathetic attention-seeking eco zealots.

“Whether they are blockading roads, damaging property or interfering in sports events we have all had enough. The police and courts must make use of all the powers they have to take them off our streets, lock them up and protect the law-abiding majority.”

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