James Corden reveals secrets to his six stone weight loss

James Corden reveals secrets to his six stone weight loss
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Aden-Jay Wood

By Aden-Jay Wood

Published: 13/05/2022

- 18:44

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 11:27

The British actor and television presenter recently became an ambassador of WW, formally known as Weight Watchers

James Corden has revealed that boxing helped him to lose six stone in weight.

The British actor, who currently presents the US' The Late Late Show, has lost a substantial amount of weight in recent years.

And now, the Gavin & Stacey star has spoken about how he achieved it.

Corden said: “I don’t eat until 12.

“I have a trainer who I box with most mornings, and so far today I’ve had an apple.

James Corden
James Corden
Chris Radburn

James Corden
James Corden
Steve Parsons

“I try to eat healthily and not deprive myself.

“The notion of going on a diet is everything that is wrong because at some point you are going to revert.

“It’s like Dry January — it’s brilliant if you give up booze for January but in the back of your mind you’re like, ‘Well, in February I’m going to have a drink’."

Corden has recently become an ambassador of WW, formerly known as Weight Watchers.

Explaining the partnership, he said: “You don’t have to cut anything out. It’s just being aware of what you are putting in your body, trying not to eat things that have too many ingredients.

"I just really enjoy it. You don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad week — you just don’t revert back to eating Quavers at midnight.”

He continued in an interview with the Sun: “I have started doing transcendental meditation. I went to see a guy. I’d highly recommend it.

“You do a course, then at the end of it you have these tools where, every day, you give yourself 20 minutes of silence to let your thoughts be whatever they are, and I’ve found that very, very beneficial.

“I don’t consider it to be something particular to LA but I really enjoy it.

“Normally if I have a spare 20 minutes, I’ll be on my phone, I’ll be watching something, and that’s it — now I do this. It’s great.”

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