More Huw Edwards revelations ‘imminent’ as BBC prepares to twist knife into own star

Huw Edwards through broadcasting house

Huw Edwards was last seen on the screen on July 5 when he covered King Charles' visit to Scotland, he was taken off air on July 6 and then suspended days later

Sam Montgomery

By Sam Montgomery

Published: 14/07/2023

- 13:47

BBC infighting over presenter saga intensifies as probes ramped up to the dismay of co-workers

The BBC has ramped up its investigation into Huw Edwards, insider sources have claimed.

It comes despite the star's wife pleading for privacy for her family while the news reader is hospitalised.

Edwards has received an outpouring of support after the police concluded that there was 'no information to indicate a criminal offence' had occurred.

Yet sources have told the Guardian that BBC journalists continue to work on further stories involving the presenter.

Huw Edwards

Edwards led the BBC commentary team at the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2012 London Olympics and 2014 Commonwealth Games


The insider said: “It wasn't hard hitting and these stories have a rhythm and the police had said nothing to see here, his wife had said he has had a break down and is in hospital and The Sun had said we are pausing our end of it and at that point Victoria Derbyshire tries to ramp it up again.”

They added: “People felt it was really aggressive and uncalled for and there is a lot of anger about it.”

Newsnight host Victoria Derbyshire was already looking into Huw Edwards before allegations were made in The Sun, it has previously been claimed.

Huw Edwards was described by former colleague Jon Sopel as being “extremely angry” with the handling of the multiple allegations levied against him, and “not overly impressed with BBC coverage.”

Edwards announcing the dead of HM Queen Elizabeth II\u200bEdwards announcing the dead of HM Queen Elizabeth IIBBC News

Sopel has since said: "This is an awful and shocking episode, where there was no criminality, but perhaps a complicated private life.

"That doesn’t feel very private now. I hope that will give some cause to reflect. They really need to. I wish ⁦Huw Edwards well.”

John Simpson, BBC World Affairs Editor, said: "No criminal offences were committed, so it’s a purely personal tragedy for everyone involved. Let’s hope the press leave them all alone now.”

Simpson later added: “BBC journos are said to be still digging into stories about him.

"Huw’s wife Vicky: ‘I’d like to ask that the privacy of my family & everyone else caught up in these upsetting events is respected.'"

BBC execs are now mulling over whether to back BBC presenter’s disgruntled co-workers’ complaints or support BBC journalists investigating the BBC presenter and BBC handling of the complaints.

Victoria DerbyshireSources at the BBC claim presenter Victoria Derbyshire was investigating accusations about Edwards’ conduct in the days before The Sun made its claimsPA

With the temperature rising in Broadcasting House, frustrations are said to be boiling over with bosses complaining about working long hours and missing their family, Wimbledon and the Ashes.

An insider told the MailOnline that a BBC bigwig could be heard moaning that the only time they’d seen their “wife this weekend is when she was on TV”, before adding: “We are all so sick and tired of these people”.

The insider said: “They were all very audibly moaning about missing out on time with their kids, watching the cricket etc, which made us all feel pretty awful as we're the ones who have no idea what's happening.

“They all sat in a conference room getting lunch, dinner and ice creams delivered while the rest of us had to "report on ourselves" for the hundredth time this year it seems”.


A young how Edwards

The presenter has won the BAFTA Cymru for Best Onscreen Presenter in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2010, and was nominated in 2012.


The Welsh journalist has been the main presenter on BBC News at Ten since 2003 and BBC News at Five since 2006.

The household name presenter was suspended by the BBC over accusations published in The Sun claimed he had paid £35,000 for explicit photos from an individual over a three-year period.

The Sun have since confirmed that it does not plan to publish any further allegations about Huw Edwards and will cooperate with the BBC's internal investigation.

Sources have confirmed that Edwards has not resigned from the BBC.

Edwards is perhaps best known for his work presenting major royal events and announcements, including the Coronation of King Charles III and Camilla; death and state funeral of Elizabeth II; funeral of Prince Philip; wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle; and wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

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