'Absolutely wrong!' Emily Carver hits out at Tom Harwood in fierce row on JK Rowling trans comments

'Absolutely wrong!' Emily Carver hits out at Tom Harwood in fierce row on JK Rowling trans comments

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 27/02/2024

- 18:15

JK Rowling hit out at Sky News's coverage of the Scarlet Blake murder case

Author JK Rowling has sparked a heated row on GB News, as presenters Emily Carver and Tom Harwood clashed on her comments made about transgender killer Scarlet Blake.

The Harry Potter creator has ignited another trans debate after she hit out at Sky News for its failure to make clear that a convicted murderer was transgender.

Blake was jailed for life after killing Jorge Martin Carreno in July 2021 as he walked home from a night out in Oxford.

In a social media post, Sky News reported that Blake had been jailed, but failed to disclose that she is transgender.

Emily Carver and Tom Harwood

Emily Carver and Tom Harwood clashed on JK Rowling's social media outburst

GB News

Sky News said: "A woman who filmed herself killing a cat before putting the animal in a blender has been jailed for life for murdering a man four months later."

Rowling reposted the tweet, saying she is "sick of this s***" and Blake is "not a woman" using the hashtag "not our crime".

In a debate on GB News, hosts Emily Carver and Tom Harwood became embroiled in a fiery row on the issue, as Emily defended the author's stance, to which Tom argued that her stance was a "big problem" in the transgender debate.

Emily said we "see this so much" and criticised the media coverage of Blake's case, where they had not mentioned her gender until later on in their stories.

JK Rowling tweet

JK Rowling hit out at Sky News for failing to disclose Blake is transgender


She criticised Sky News and said: "Sky News has said a woman, and it's a biological male."

Tom hit back at Emily, stating: "In an early paragraph, they said it was a trans woman."


Emily then fumed: "So you don't think accuracy is important?"

Tom grew frustrated as he argued: "I think they probably should have said trans woman in the headline, but I see a big problem, actually, with what JK Rowling said when she said not our crimes. We don't have collective punishment in this."

Emily hit back at Tom: "I'm sorry, but when it comes to violence, these crimes, violent assault like this and murder, these are types far more likely to be male crimes. If you then put it down as a female crime, you're distorting the statistics.

"You're absolutely wrong on it, JK Rowling is right on this. She's saying that essentially, this is misinformation. It's ideologically driven, and Sky News have done the wrong thing here by calling this perpetrator of this crime female."

Emily Carver

Emily defended the views of JK Rowling

GB News

Tom dismissed Emily's argument as he explained: "We can do two things here. We can say that Sky News were remiss in their tweets, but we don't have to lie about the fact that this will be recorded as a trans woman crime.

"This person is going to a male prison. That's what's happening here."

Emily concluded the argument, stating: "No, I'm sorry. It's misinformation, it's not just one tweet."

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