Drivers with hay fever warned they could face £5,000 fine if they get behind wheel after taking medication

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Aden-Jay Wood

By Aden-Jay Wood

Published: 11/05/2022

- 14:31

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 11:29

Experts are urging hay fever sufferers to make extra checks before getting into their car

Drivers who suffer with hay fever have been warned they could face fines of up to £5,000 if they get behind the wheel.

Some hay fever sufferers take pills to help remedy the pollen reaction that experts say can leave you unfit to drive.

The pills can leave people tired and drowsy which could affect their ability to drive.

And because Government regulations doesn’t distinguish between illicit, recreational and over the counter medications, drivers could find themselves with a drug-driving charge.

Hay fever sufferers are urged to check their medication before they get in their car
Hay fever sufferers are urged to check their medication before they get in their car
Yui Mok

The warning comes from car insurance comparison website

Greg Wilson, founder said: “Most people assume that the term ‘drug-driving’ refers to driving while under the influence of illicit narcotics.

"But the truth is that driving after taking any type of drug, could result in a motoring conviction if the motorist’s driving abilities are impaired.

“While some hay fever medications are non-drowsy, some types do cause drowsiness, and some prescription hay fever tablets in particular carry a ‘do not operate heavy machinery’ warning.

"If a driver fails to obey this warning and gets behind the wheel, they could risk a hefty fine of up to £5,000, points on their licence and endanger themselves and other road users,” he told the Sun.

Drivers are being urged to check their hay fever tablets before getting into the car.

They can also protect themselves from pollen exposure by closing their windows on journeys and avoid driving when pollen levels are at their highest.

People are also being recommended to stock their car with hay fever tablets that don’t leave you tired or drowsy.

File photo dated 10/01/18 of a woman blowing her nose with a tissue. While some people will welcome the warmer weather, for others the unusual temperatures will wreak havoc with their hay fever symptoms. Issue date: Wednesday March 23, 2022.
Drivers with hay fever could face hefty fines of up to £5,000
Yui Mok

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