Driver, 77, fined for not leaving enough room while overtaking cyclist

Driver, 77, fined for not leaving enough room while overtaking cyclist
Ben Gibbons

By Ben Gibbons

Published: 16/06/2022

- 11:59

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 11:00

Wayne Humphreys, who lives in Pontyclun, said he has had a driving licence for 60 years and the last fine he had was 40 years ago

Wayne Humphreys, 77, was fine for overtaking a cyclist without leaving a sufficient enough gap.

Mr Humphreys was was captured on the cyclist’s GoPro camera passing too closely while driving his white Audi Q8.

The footage was submitted to GoSafe, a Wales road casualty reduction partnership, as part of Operation Snap. Operation Snap aims to spur the public to send in clips of close pass incidents to further protect cyclists.

Mr Humphreys approaching to overtake
Mr Humphreys approaching to overtake

Mr Humphreys was offered a place on the 'What's Driving Us' course as an alternative to paying the fine but failed to attend. He also refused to pay a fixed penalty notice.

Consequently, he was prosecuted for driving without due care and attention. Mr Humphreys was fined £1,152 and paid £735 in costs and a victim surcharge.

Mr Humphreys, who is a director of Humphreys Warehousing and Storage and WA Humphreys International Transport, spoke about the incident.

He stated that “The fine is absolutely appalling. I am 77 years of age and the last fine I had was 35 to 40 years ago.

“Other than that I have never had a fine and I have had a licence for 60 years”.

Mr Humphreys also claimed he and his son had measured the gap he left. “Taking into account the cyclist and his bike, there would have still been at least 4ft (1.2m) space.”

The Highway Code states drivers must leave a 5ft (1.5m) gap when overtaking cyclists and they must slow down.

The company director went on to the BBC “This has already cost me about £4,500 with the money for the court and solicitor.

"It doesn’t make sense to me".

Part of the GoSafe press release reads "This outcome shows that these submissions are taken seriously and given the appropriate amount of attention, as we continue to work towards ensuring that our roads are safer for everyone."

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