Cricket club accused of racism for tweeting about 'chocolates' after win over club with Asian players

Cricket club accused of racism for tweeting about 'chocolates' after win over club with Asian players
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Max Parry

By Max Parry

Published: 19/05/2022

- 18:40

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 11:21

Merthyr CC claimed the tweet referred to winning rather than their rivals' non-white cricketers

A Welsh cricket club has found itself in the middle of a racism storm after tweeting about "chocolates" following a win over a rival side that had Asian players.

Followers of Merthyr Cricket Club received the tweet following the club's victory over Briton Ferry Town CC in a close encounter.

The tweet said: "Results are in, 1sts get the chocolates down in Briton Ferry Town! Chasing down 186!..."

Merthyr Cricket Club
Merthyr Cricket Club

However, cricket administrators commenced an investigation into the use of the word "chocolate", to find out whether it was in reference to Briton Ferry Town's asian players.

In a message from Merthyr to Briton Ferry Town, the club claimed that "chocolate" referred only "winning and nothing else."

Merthyr CC later deleted the tweet and apologised after it emerged some players from Briton Ferry Town took offence.

Briton Ferry Town Cricket Club
Briton Ferry Town Cricket Club

In a statement, Merthyr said: "Merthyr Cricket Club are aware of a tweet that was sent over the weekend and has been subsequently shared without context.

"On recognising the potentially unintended offence which may have been caused we immediately issued a direct apology to Briton Ferry Town Cricket Club for any offence caused and assured them that there was no racial intent within the tweet.

"We are grateful for them accepting the apology and we recognise and respect their desire to move on. We have liaised with Cricket Wales and all relevant parties to ensure there is clarity over the content and context of the tweet.

"We enjoyed an excellent game of cricket against Briton Ferry Town, played in excellent spirit, and we look forward to welcoming our friends at Briton Ferry to the club later in the season."

The rival side, Briton Ferry Town CC said: "Some attention has been given to a recent tweet, we have been contacted and accept that no offence was intended and accepted the apology that was given. We would like to move on and look forward to this weekend fixtures."

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