Commuter launches verbal attack on Muslim man reading Quran aloud on London Underground

muslim man tube
Max Parry

By Max Parry

Published: 30/11/2021

- 12:22

Updated: 30/11/2021

- 12:46

'This a Christian country', the man shouted at the Muslim passenger

Watch the moment a commuter begun a verbal tirade at a Muslim passenger on the tube, as he recited the Quran.

Video taken near Monument station in the capital shows an enraged man shout at the Muslim passenger that he has "no respect for other people", as softly read out the religious holy text at twenty minutes to seven in the morning on November 27.


As the Muslim man continued to read the Quran aloud, the angry commuter went on to tell him that "this is a Christian country".

The man went on to tell the Muslim man that he should "behave in our manners and the way that we do things."

He continued: "You're not going to do it on public transport where I am sitting. You don't even have the decency to ask me if you can do it."

The Muslim passenger went back at the commuter: "I don't need your permission."

The enraged passenger said "you need my permission to invite my privacy in my space."

The Muslim passenger replied: "You are over there and I'm over here."

The angry passenger exlcaimed: "Do you see anyone here of any other faith sitting here doing their morning prayers? No. You know why?

"They respect other people and that's your problem. You've got no respect for other people."

The Muslim passenger then replies: "You're a big man act your age. Act your age. Children shout."

However the angry commuter responds: "I am a big man yes. I am telling you what you are doing is invading other people's space."


He went on: "No one is telling you to stop because they are too careful because ''oh my God, don't touch a Muslim''. Let me tell you something this is a Christian country. You behave in our manners and the way that we do things.'

"You want to do it, you wake up half an hour early and do it in your lounge. You can face any direction you want", the passenger said as the Muslim man continued reciting the holy text.

The Muslim passenger, who was on the end of the tirade, said: "For those questioning the story; no I was not loud and nor was I disturbing peace.

"It was 6.40am on a Saturday morning commuting to work and the train was almost 70 per cent empty (check the reflection on the windows). I was reciting the Quran softly and quietly enough where I can hear myself.

"This passenger opposite me had an issue with me reading the Quran in a public space. Nobody seemed bothered but him to be frank.

"I told him to move if he was that pressed or to shut up, but he did neither. He just wanted me stop reading the Quran because he believes ''we shouldn't be allowed to read our prayers (read Quran) on TfL''.

He went on: "I ignored him and continued my recitation, yet he went out of his way to follow me off the train and complain to London Underground."

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