Carrie Johnson says she is 'moved to tears' over abuse LGBT+ people face

Carrie Johnson speaking at the annual LGBT+ pride reception hosted in partnership with Stonewall
Carrie Johnson speaking at the annual LGBT+ pride reception hosted in partnership with Stonewall
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Samantha Haynes

By Samantha Haynes

Published: 06/10/2021

- 10:44

Updated: 06/10/2021

- 10:47

Mrs Johnson has spoken out her husbands commitment to supporting LGBT+ rights at the Conservative Party conference

Carrie Johnson has appeared at the Conservative Party conference, speaking about how she has been “moved to tears” by the abuse LGBT+ people experience.

Mrs Johnson was watched by her husband as she delivered her address at an event put on by LGBT Conservatives who are partnering with Stonewall.

In response to a call from a young Tory activist for further protections for trans people, Johnson said that her husband was committed to advancing LGBT+ rights.

Carrie Johnson said it was “illogical” to suggest that the Tories were not the party of equality.

Rachel Johnson, the prime minister’s sister, and Liz Truss, the women and equalities secretary, also attended.

Mrs Johnson commented that “The LGBT+ community still faces stigma, harassment and discrimination with hate crimes still a fact of life."

“I heard myself from the victim of such a crime at the Pride reception we held in Downing Street earlier this year and I have to say I was moved to tears” said Carrie Johnson.

She added: “We can now say with huge pride that it was a Conservative prime minister who delivered equal marriage in England and Wales. And I want you all to know that we now have a prime minister who is completely committed to protecting those gains and extending them further.”

The pregnant Mrs Johnson was named 'guest of honour' at the Conservatives' Pride reception at the conference.

Elena Bunbury, chairwoman of the LGBT+ Conservatives told The Times newspaper that the PM's wife 'has always been a good sport to LGBT+ Conservatives.'

'She even judged our virtual lip-sync last conference. We’re thrilled she’ll be joining us in person this year in Manchester.'

Mrs Johnson seldom engages directly in political matters, even though she formerly held the position of Conservative Party Director of Communications.

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