Brexit protest's epic failure: Desperate activists struggle to muster crowd as they demand UK rejoin EU

Brexit activists

Less than two thousand people attended the National Rejoin March in London

Dan Falvey

By Dan Falvey

Published: 23/09/2023

- 12:35

Updated: 23/09/2023

- 15:44

Previous protests have attracted as many as 50,000 people to the capital

Anti-Brexit protesters are marching through London today as they demand Britain rejoin the EU.

Supporters of the National Rejoin March gathered outside the Hilton hotel on Park Lane in west London, before making their way to Parliament Square.

Tens of thousands of supporters have previously joined the protest in order to make clear their anger at the UK's decision to leave the EU seven years ago.

However, while as many as 50,000 people have been known to attend in the past, today's protest saw appeared to see far few numbers, with as few as 5,000 marching.

WATCH NOW: GB News at the Rejoin march

Attempts to increase support by busing in supporters also appeared to fail to muster the desired response. Research by GB News showed most buses could still be booked just hours before the march officially began.

High profile campaigners such as Steve Bray - better known as "Stop Brexit Man" - were all in attendance.

Their march culminates with a rally outside the Houses of Parliament later in the day.

Several clusters of Metropolitan Police officers were at the scene as protestors handed out flyers and a handful of passing cars beeped their horns.

Speaking to GB News at the march, one protester said that they wanted a second referendum to overturn the UK's exit.

"First thing, the Labour party needs to get back in, and then we'll need to hold another referendum," they explained.

Meanwhile campaigner Alex Pickering said: "I've benefitted from the whole thing, from studying in Europe, working in France and Germany, living in France and Germany, and I won't my future protected.

Brexit protest

The protesters walked to Parliament Square in Westminster


Steve Bray

Notable figures including 'Stop Brexit Man' Steve Bray were in attendance


"I want freedom for my future, and future generations as well."

And an EU national in attendance who gave their name only as Eugene added: "I moved here in 2014 and I remember that this country was much better organised and things were going much smoother when we were int he EU and i don't see that happening after Brexit to be honest.

"I know you will say that I am biased, coming from an EU country, but I've lived here for more than nine years so I can tell the difference."

Eugene said that he believed the cost of living crisis currently felt by Britons was in "a great part of it due to the referendum".

The failure of the pro-EU march to attract anywhere near as many attendees as in the past comes as polling shows there is little appetite for a new Brexit referendum in the immediate future.

A YouGov poll of 2,101 Britons conducted between August 8 and 9 found that just 26 per cent of people would want a referendum this year.

Beth Mann, a political researcher at YouGov, said at the time: "Despite high levels of Bregret among the British public, this new polling shows that there is not necessarily a widespread appetite for another referendum any time soon.

"However, there are strong party divisions that could swing campaigns as we head into the next election and beyond, with a significant majority of those who currently intend to vote Labour backing a referendum on rejoining the EU within the next five or 10 years."

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