Polling guru Sir John Curtice says Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage may pose 'nightmare' for Rishi Sunak

Nigel Farage (left) and Boris Johnson (right)

Nigel Farage has offered an olive branch to Boris Johnson

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 12/06/2023

- 21:42

Updated: 13/06/2023

- 07:59

Farage offered an olive branch to the former Prime Minister

Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage joining together to forge a new political force would pose a “nightmare” scenario for Rishi Sunak, according to polling guru Sir John Curtice.

Farage offered an olive branch to the former Prime Minister after he dramatically announced his resignation as an MP.

The former Brexit Party leader suggested the pair join forces to help defend their Brexit “legacy”.

It comes after Boris Johnson entered a war of words with his former Chancellor, accusing him of “talking rubbish” after Sunak claimed he was asked to overrule a panel vetting Johnson’s nominations to the House of Lords.

Speaking on GB News, Sir Curtice said any political force fronted by Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage would be another headache for the prime minister.

He told Tom Harwood: “I think if you were to write a script for Mr Sunak’s worst nightmare, it would be Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage getting together to fight the next general election seriously.

“I think it would probably kill off whatever small chances the Conservatives have of still winning the next general election.”

Despite the potential of a political force led by Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage taking a large portion of the vote away from the Tories, Curtice says it is unlikely such a group would pose a significant threat to the political establishment.

Rishi Sunak

A new headache could be in store for Rishi Sunak


“Being able to bring an existing party down is not necessarily the same thing as providing a foundation for an alternative political force that would be capable of propelling Boris Johnson back to No.10”, he said.

“That strikes me as a very long road indeed, just remember Change UK tried to strip off from the left of British politics.

“To do that from the right would be just as difficult.”

Farage told GB News on Sunday that he and Johnson may have similar political aims.

He said: "If he wants to defend his Brexit legacy, I want to defend my Brexit legacy too.

"Would there be a possibility of a new coming together on the centre-right?

"It would be Boris Johnson, there would be other MPs that would join in with this as well."

He added: "I have discussed it with people very close to him and around him."

The GB News presenter also said that the former Prime Minister has gifted the Labour Party the constituency of Uxbridge & South Ruislip.

He told Camilla Tominey: "I think the anger that you saw there from Tobias Ellwood will become the mainstream view of the Conservative Party.

"I don't think he has got any future in the Conservative Party whatsoever.

"This idea that he would be allowed to fight a safer seat than Uxbridge...well hang on.

"He has effectively gifted Uxbridge to the Labour Party and who knows, the other seats could go to the Lib Dems.

"He will be seen to be doing damage to the party, his allies are calling for a civil war.

"Boris Johnson's road with the Conservative Party is coming to an end."

On Friday, Boris resigned as the MP for Uxbridge & South Ruislip with immediate effect after receiving a letter from the privileges committee.

Johnson released a 1,000-word resignation statement stressing he was "bewildered and appalled" by the committee's drive to oust him from the House of Commons.

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